LACROIX Electronics

2021 has been an action-packed year for the Electronics activity of LACROIX: Smart industry, IoT, Symbiose, but particularly the acquisition of Firstronic, allowing LACROIX to develop its activity beyond the borders of Europe!

Relive all the news from the Electronics activity of LACROIX in 2021:

Leadership 2025, LACROIX's new strategic plan

2021 saw the start of our new strategic plan, Leadership 2025. This new plan is an opportunity to launch important operations, beginning with a new visual identity, which allows the brand’s different activities to be harmonised. It also includes the arrival of LACROIX in America with the acquisition of Firstronic, a leading American EMS company in the electronics industry.

Putting our customers at the heart of our strategy

Our customers have always been our no. 1 priority. Which is why it is essential for us to include them in every process, either directly or indirectly!

Customer relations, advice, expertise, environmental responsibility… These are the various subjects that we have discussed this year, in order to allow our customers to better understand our company!

Smart Industry as the foundation of development, in service of the IoT

For several years now, LACROIX has made Smart Industry the foundation of its activity.

Favouring technological innovation in order to facilitate and optimise production is the key to success. What is the goal? Offering our customers products that are increasingly successful and connected.

Symbiose: the new electronics factory is arriving in 2022!

Symbiose, LACROIX’s great adventure, is almost complete. But it hasn’t finished surprising us yet!

Following the launch of the web series dedicated to the new electronics factory construction project, it is almost time to unveil the finished product.

And the last episode will provide its fair share of surprises, including a certain future scientist…

The strength of our partners

Our partners have always been the basis for our activity. This year has been strange for everyone, but that has not stopped us from highlighting our partners during events, or from forming important partnerships!

Having a solid ecosystem is essential, and this year we had the opportunity to develop solid partnerships within our sector.

2022 promises to be just as eventful, with the arrival of several projects, and new territories to explore.

How about we spend this new year together? Do you have any questions about our sector? Any projects in mind? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!