LACROIX Electronics

Often invisible yet essential, electronics are part of every object in our daily lives. In 2017, the French Government defined the nation’s electronics industry as strategic for the future. This industry enables the manufacture of smarter, more connected and above all less energy-intensive objects in France.  

It is the entirety of the electronic industries value chain that works together to take on major societal challenges such as the energy transition and the digital transformation of our industries.  

Have a look at the interview with Frédérique Le Grevès to find out more about STMicroelectronics and its collaboration with LACROIX. 

Fostering the development of the future's technologies together

STMicroelectronics and LACROIX have been partnering for years in business as well as in leading the electronic industries sector’s Strategic Committee.  

STMicroelectronics’ vocation lies in the manufacture of electronic components for all everyday objects. STMicroelectronics presently owns 13 sites in France, including 4 production sites and 12,000 employees.  

Recently united in the “IOT Continuum” consortium with Sierra Wireless and Orange, STMicroelectronics and LACROIX offer IOT solutions tailored to the challenges faced by manufacturers of industrial connected objects. A catalyst for innovative solutions, the program is designed to bring out and accelerate the deployment of tomorrow’s IoT solutions in order to respond to the upheaval in usage. 

Frédérique Le Grévès, Chair of STMicroelectronics France, and Vincent Bedouin, CEO of LACROIX, jointly presiding over the Strategic Committee for the electronics industry, are working to build a strong electronics industry in France. 

Joining forces to take up major societal challenges

To address the challenges of the energy transition and digital transformation and to meet the ever-increasing demand for connected objects, collaboration with the sector’s entire ecosystem is essential.  

John Sammut (1)

We need to bring together all the players in the economy, in order to find together solutions that will address society’s major challenges […] We need to produce objects that meet the challenges of the ecological transition that we are currently experiencing.”  

Frédérique Le Grevès
Chair of STMicroelectronics France

In this context, and in order to meet the challenges of energy restraint, the electronics sector must implement greener and more digitalized actions. This is why it is important to offer solutions for the world of tomorrow while maintaining the excellence and influence of the industries.  

John Sammut (1)

We need to create a new business model to work transparently and in partnership. The idea is to work together to respond to major societal challenges and, moreover, to do so in France. “

Frédérique Le Grevès
Chair of STMicroelectronics France

To meet the ambitions of developing a “strong, attractive and vibrant innovation” French industry and guarantee the independence and competitiveness of French industry, LACROIX and its partner STMicroelectronics are joining forces.