Optimisation and industrialization of a product are driving forces throughout the course of its life cycle. Starting at the design phase, industrialization serves to increase the reliability of your product by improving producibility, testability, and security of the supply chain.

At the Electronics activity of LACROIX, whether dealing with a development carried out by our design center or an external one, every new product introduced goes through industrialization in order to facilitate its production in our factories.

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Cost and production timeframe optimisation thanks to advanced industrialization

The industrialization phase ensures harmonisation of an electronic project’s design with the requirements for its serial production, otherwise known as product/process relationship optimisation. Thanks to our multi-market industrial expertise and a close collaboration with the engineering offices, our purchasing department and production sites, our experts will optimise the producibility of your product.

As early as possible in the project’s life cycle, we select the best technical solutions (standardisation, quality, repairability, etc.) and the best supply chain options, optimising the product’s production in the long term as well as the total cost of ownership.

Our experts are committed to providing a customised solution based on a three-stage industrialization process: PCB layout, Design for eXcellence (or DfX) and rapid prototyping.

A comprehensive industrialization process at your project’s service


PCB Layout

The PCB layout outlines the technical features of your printed circuit, incorporating cost and volume concepts according to the requirements applicable to your product.

Our valuable industrial experience and firm command of the production chain allow us to anticipate the constraints associated with the production of your electronic assembly.

Design for eXcellence

DfX combines all methodologies and tools our teams use to achieve the advanced industrialization of electronic assemblies or sub-assemblies as early as possible in the project’s life cycle.

Depending on your needs, we can offer customised DfX by:

  • optimising the relationship between product and process (Design for Manufacturing – DfM)
  • defining test strategies best suited for the quality objective (Design for Testability – DfT)
  • selecting components and suppliers best suited for safeguarding supply and optimizing overall material costs, quality, sustainability and delivery (Design for Procurement – DfP)




The prototyping phase allows for the validation of the product’s features during its design phase and to propose changes to improve its industrialization.

We possess optimal responsiveness, as is demonstrated by our:

  • dedicated team, buyer and purchaser included
  • SMD line dedicated to prototypes
  • additional equipment: X-rays, BGA repair station, TAKAYA, 3D Printing (a true innovation to increase speed)

We are able to create electrically tested prototypes upon request, allowing you to achieve functional products as quickly as possible.