The Electronics activity of LACROIX operates at the heart of an ecosystem of innovative players with complementary expertise. These members, who come from the economic, industrial or academic sectors of the various countries in which we operate, work every day with our teams to satisfy our customers’ expectations. At the heart of this system, we share a joint ambition to accelerate the deployment of Smart Industries while taking into account environmental constraints.

Suppliers, customers and institutions, together we innovate in synergy to build the world of tomorrow. This ecosystem is constantly evolving as new projects arrive.

An active and targeted ecosystem  


A dedicated partnership programme

In 2015, the Electronics activity of LACROIX designed a partnership programme to expand its services offering. Experts in their field of competence, our partners bring us their experience and their technical and technological expertise. This valuable support allows us to develop our industrial activities in our target markets right from the product design phases.

We form partnerships with different types of players, including component and equipment suppliers and distributors, software solution and service providers, telecom operators, cloud/edge/computing solution providers and mechanical experts.

Our qualified partners include Nichia, Murata, STMicroelectronics, Renesas, Würth Elektronik, TDK, ASM Assembly Systems , Microsoft, Orange, Inventy, PTC, Sigfox, Witekio.

Clusters and universities, leading public and institutional organisations

As a major player in the electronics industry, we are committed to developing dedicated relationships with competitive clusters, professional associations and universities located primarily near our plants and engineering office.

The Electronics activity of LACROIX is particularly active in:

  • French clusters such as We Network (chaired by Vincent Bedouin, President of LACROIX), SNESE, FIEEC, Comité Stratégique de Filière dédié à l’industrie électronique (Vincent Bedouin is vice-President), Alliance industrie du futur and Cap’tronic program
  • the ZVEI association in Germany
  • GITAS, FIPA and TAA in Tunisia
  • Polish organisations such as Starostwo Powiatowe of Kwidzyn, Interizon Cluster, Pomeranian Business Chamber (Pracodawcy Pomorza) and local employment agencies

Because research and innovation play a very special role in the development of our electronic activities, we also work alongside prestigious universities such as:

  • in France: INSA, Polytech Nantes (notably the Télécom et Réseaux Chair and the IETR laboratory) and ESEO, through internships, CIFRE contracts and joint events.
  • in Tunisia: ENIT and INSAT
  • in Poland: CKZiU High School and Gdansk Technology University

The collective intelligence of LACROIX’s Smart Communities

Sharing skills and internal best practices, developing collaborative work and creating value: these are the objectives of LACROIX’s Smart Communities, which bring together employees from the 3 activities: City activity, Environment activity and Electronics activity.

Our experts actively participate in LACROIX TECH and LACROIX FAB communities.