LACROIX Electronics

A few months ago, LACROIX entered into a partnership with a brand new customer from the cryptocurrency sector, the French unicorn Ledger. World leader in digital asset management and security, Ledger has chosen to manufacture its brand new product in France. And it is in LACROIX’s new electronics plant, Symbiose, that the first Nano S Plus cryptocurrency wallets are being produced in Spring 2022.

A look back at how these two players, committed to French reindustrialisation, got off to a successful start!

High-speed production in the Symbiose plant

To fulfil the promises of the electronics industry of the future, LACROIX has made numerous investments to transform the Symbiose plant into the leader in Smart Industry. This includes a new automated CMS line, capable of installing 1.5 million components per day (i.e., more than 100,000 components per hour).

This high-speed line is the latest addition to the four lines already in the workshop. It will double the site’s industrial capacity and thus contribute to the Group’s expected growth between now and 2027.

What was it about this automated equipment that appealed to LEDGER?

  • LACROIX’s ability to invest in its production facilities and install a line perfectly suited to manufacturing their products.
  • The potential production quantities which may change over time: As of today, more than 200,000 Nanos S Plus wallets have been produced and more than 1 million are expected by the end of 2022.
  • A secure supply chain thanks to advanced manufacturing capabilities.

A certified manufacturing process that combines quality, traceability and security


For all our customers at our French plant, whether they be in aeronautics, defence or industry, we are setting up a manufacturing process that combines quality, traceability and security. These criteria are essential to LEDGER and have allowed us to help them produce the Nanos S Plus.

Claude Bourget
Director of the Symbiose plant located in Beaupréau-en-Mauges

The manufacturing process, step by step

  1. Mark with the serial number to ensure traceability
  2. Perform screen printing using solder paste
  3. High-speed component placement
  4. Weld components in the remelting furnace
  5. Automated optical inspection
  6. Flash the software and perform an electrical test


Watch this video to see how the Nanos S Plus is manufactured.



The successful gamble of French reindustrialisation

For LEDGER, having their products “made in France” is a strategic choice. It brings together many important factors such as geographical proximity, having a low carbon impact and agility.


Our association with LACROIX contributes to strengthening the French technological sovereignty. When two players from the French Tech and the French Fab decide to take the gamble of reindustrialization together, the entire industry is looking towards the future.


Mondher Ben-Hamida
Vice President Manufacturing & Supply Chain, Ledger.


We are very proud to be supporting LEDGER in its development. The successful production launch for the Nanos S Plus has brought with it new opportunities, particularly in terms of even more automated and integrated production processes. With LEDGER, as with all our customers, we are working together to plan for the long term by building a sustainable partnership. This is what underpins LACROIX’s DNA, drive and reliability.

Erwan Joret
Business Development Engineer at LACROIX.