LACROIX has embarked on an ambitious project to build a plant at the cutting edge of technology that respects the environment and is designed to ensure the fulfillment of its employees.

The SYMBIOSE project, led by the Electronics activity of LACROIX, relies in particular on the power of an ecosystem of recognised industrial experts who support the project. The future plant also draws its strength from its location in the Pays de la Loire as it will be based in Beaupréau, just a few kilometers from the current plant. The aim is to build a new French flagship of electronics, a symbol of industrial renewal in France with a European or even a global reach.

The Electronics activity of LACROIX has begun the process of transforming its production model to align with its Smart Industry strategy. We will therefore be able to increase our competitiveness in the traditional markets for industrial electronic systems and meet the specific challenges of promising new markets such as mobility and industrial IoT.

The plant will be delivered at the end of 2021.

Discover the architect’s view of the site in video



The 3 pillars of the project

Our ambition is to create the factory of the future: human, digitised, smart, automated and environmentally friendly.

The project is based on 3 main pillars:

  • Industrial innovation

    Creation of France’s first future-facing electronics factory
  • Sustainable and responsible innovation

    Smart, ecological construction with high energy performance
  • Social innovation

    People at the heart of the project, in a networked building open to its ecosystem

Our key figures

Delivery of the plant scheduled at the end of 2021
450 employees
6 SMT lines
€100 million turnover (medium-term forecast)
19,000 m²
€25 million investment

Symbiose, step by step​

Follow the key stages of this strategic 4.0 project for the company, the region and the electronics industry in France.


The project to build a new 4.0 electronics factory is a very exciting challenge for the Electronics activity of LACROIX teams, but also for all the stakeholders in the project, namely our industrial partners and the institutional partners that support us.

Eric Meynet
Operational Excellence Manager & Symbiose Project Manager, Electronics activity of LACROIX

  • December 2021

    Symbiose, let’s celebrate the end of site work!

    Work on our new Symbiose electronics plant is finalized at the end of the year. The gradual move-in of production teams and workshops will take place in the first quarter of 2022.

    See you in early 2022 for the final timelapse video of this ambitious project!

    On the picture: Denis Gendron (Works supervisor – Essor Ingénierie), Christian Body (General Services – Electronics activity of LACROIX), Eric Meynet (Operational Excellence Manager & Symbiose Project Manager – Electronics activity of LACROIX), Renaud Lemetayer (Maintenance and operational safety manager – Electronics activity of LACROIX), Nicolas Daviaud (General Services – Electronics activity of LACROIX)

    Symbiose is the biggest project that LACROIX has had to carry out to date… It is with great pride that I thank all the players involved, starting with Eric Meynet, in this great 4.0 project: Electronics team activity and our partners, in particular Bpifrance and Essor Ingénierie.

    Stéphane Klajzyngier

    Executive Managing Director of the Electronics activity of LACROIX

  • July 2021

    1 year of building work later…

    What could be better than a timelapse to see how a construction site is progressing? Discover in this video the evolution of the building of Symbiose, our future French electronics plant!

    Things have happened in a year in Beaupréau-en-Mauges in Maine-et-Loire (France)…

  • February 2021

    Bruno Le Maire’s visit to our French plant

    Bruno Le Maire, the French minister of the economy, finance and renewal, visited the plant in Saint-Pierre-Montlimart and met with the on-site teams on Tuesday 9 February. His visit focused on relocalising French industry, jobs in electronics and the many stakes of the factory of the future.

    Along with the LACROIX teams, he then went to Beaupréau to lay the founding stone of SYMBIOSE, which was symbolically represented by the first oak tree on the plant’s property.


    I firmly believe that we can re-industrialise our country. That is the goal of our renewal plan, which finances localisation of new productions in France. France Relance is already in progress, not least thanks to our talented manufacturers. LACROIX, which is building a new 4.0 plant in Maine-Et-Loire, is evidence of this. The stakes are to build true chains of added value which will create jobs in our region.

    Bruno Le Maire

    The French minister of the economy, finance and renewal

  • November 2020

    Tower crane assembly

    The work of our electronics factory of the future still goes on!
    New step in the construction: the tower crane assembly with a 60m high boom. Enough to get dizzy…

    View images of the start of tower crane assembly:

  • August 2020

    First shovel blow

    In the sun of Beaupréau (Pays de la Loire, France), construction of the new factory began this summer with levelling works.

    View images of the start of the project:

    This is a big step for us! From now until this autumn, the teams on site will prepare the foundations and start the structural work.

    Eric Meynet

    Operational Excellence Manager & Symbiose Project Manager, Electronics activity of LACROIX

  • June 2020

    Behind the scenes of a rich institutional and industrial ecosystem

    To build the electronics factory of the future, Electronics activity and LACROIX are surrounded by a rich ecosystem that creates new partnership models.


    • Symbiose, a new model for collaboration?
      Committed to this large-scale collective project, the Pays de la Loire region, Schneider Electric and Orange Business Services are working together towards a new model of collaboration.
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    • Symbiose and BPI France: a new financing model for Industry 4.0 projects?
      To support the development of Symbiose, LACROIX and BPI France are investing in the creation of a joint venture, financing that illustrates industrial renewal in France.
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    • Symbiose, an alliance of high technology and regional integration
      The future factory’s regional integration is an essential component of this project, as shown by the partnerships signed with local actors such as Mauges Communauté and the agencies PVA Architecture and Essor Ingénierie.
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220 Rue Léonard de Vinci
Beaupréau en Mauges 49600


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