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In this very first episode of the webseries “Yes to Symbiose, the electronic factory of the future“, we go to meet 3 protagonists who tell us how this ambitious project to build a new electronics factory in France, Symbiose, was born.

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A story told through 3 meetings to understand how the Symbiose project came to be

In this episode, the French actor Jérémy Sanaghéal investigates the origins of the Symbiose project and meets Vincent, Renaud and Charlotte.

Part 1: LACROIX headquarters with Vincent Bedouin

He begins his journey with Vincent Bedouin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of LACROIX, who greets him at the group’s head office in Saint Herblain, near Nantes. Their discussions focus on the family history behind LACROIX and Symbiose’s three key pillars, namely industrial, environmental and social innovation.


Having spent 9 years in the company, I became convinced that there was a future for electronics, but that we had to fight for it. I promised myself that I would find a new prospect for this French plant. At the time, I never would have believed that we would manage to achieve a project as ambitious as Symbiose.

Vincent Bedouin
Chairman and CEO of LACROIX

Part 2: The Symbiose construction site with Renaud Lemetayer

Jérémy continues his journey at the future site of the factory, in Beaupréau-en-Mauges. There, he meets Renaud Lemetayer, Maintenance and Operational Safety Manager at the Electronics activity of LACROIX. He tells him about his initial discussions about this new factory and the importance of working with prestigious partners (such as EDF and Schneider) to best address environmental concerns.


At the start, we considered refurbishing the current plant in Saint-Pierre-Montlimart. In the end, our thinking shifted towards a complete study for a new plant that could meet our process requirements and the requirements of our customers.

Renaud Lemetayer
Maintenance and Operational Safety Manager at the Electronics activity of LACROIX

Part 3: The current factory with Charlotte Clémot

8 kilometres later, Jérémy walks through the doors of the current factory and takes a look behind the scenes of electronic design and production. Charlotte Clémot, a line operator at the Electronics activity of LACROIX, gives Jérémy an explanation of the work carried out on the lean improvement workshops in the “industrial islands”, and her participation in the discussion groups on communal areas in the factory under construction.


We rely on a lean management system to improve the company’s industrial process. The aim is to optimise production islands to improve productivity and help make the way we work more enjoyable.

Charlotte Clémot
Operator at the Electronics activity of LACROIX

Building a new electronics plant the French way to continue to better accommodate their clients’ projects in the industrial, car, home, aviation and health sectors. That’s the LACROIX’s challenge.

5-part web series


Episode 1: Birth

With the participation of Vincent Bedouin, Chairman and CEO of LACROIX, Renaud Lemetayer, Maintenance and operational safety manager at Electronics activity of LACROIX, and Charlotte Clémot, operator at Electronics activity of LACROIX.




Episode 2: Industrial innovation

With the participation of Stéphane Zocchetti, Warehouse Manager at Electronics activity of LACROIX, Christelle Ménard, Customer Planner Referent at Electronics activity of LACROIX and Christophe Boy, Consulting and Tendering Director at Schneider Electric France.



Episode 3: Stronger together

With the participation of Emeline Petiteau, HR Operations Manager of Electronics activity, Dominique Mallard, AOI Manager, member of the experts and Digifriends of Electronics activity and Ingrid Le Corvaisier, Development Project Manager of Spatio agency.




Episode 4

We are working on the next episode dedicated to the social pillar of Symbiose.
Scheduled for Automn 2021. Coming soon.


Episode 5

Release scheduled for winter 2021-2022.




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