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Innovation Markets Offer Smart industry Strategy

LACROIX Electronics launches an original web series entitled “Yes to Symbiose, LACROIX’s electronic factory of the future” [Osez Symbiose, l’usine électronique du futur de LACROIX], which introduces and explains its industry 4.0 factory construction project, which will be completed at the end of 2021, Symbiose. By building on this flagship project alongside this original communication format, the embedded electronic systems and industrial connected objects design and production company wants to bring another perspective to the electronics sector, far from traditional communication methods.

Promoting the electronics industry

Presented by the Nantes-based actor Jérémy Sanaghéal, who combines humour with self-deprecation, this five-episode web series explains the industry of the future in an offbeat and innovative way.



The purpose of these videos is to showcase the teams and expertise that is called upon for the Symbiose project while trying to break from traditional communication methods in the electronics industry.

The industry can sometimes suffer from an outdated image, while many projects demonstrate the sector’s current dynamism and a real determination in favour of reindustrialisation. Using the web series, we are aiming to highlight the modernity, competitiveness and spirit of innovation in our industry.

The industrial renewal across both France and Europe must go hand-in-hand with new messaging on the quality and strength of companies in the sector.

Landry Chiron
LACROIX Group Executive Vice President, Communications

Telling the story of the Symbiose adventure and giving the floor to project partners

Such as the timelapse implementation, these regular meetings broadcasted on the social media pages make it possible to monitor the progress of the building project. More importantly, they showcase the three pillars of Symbiose: technological disruption, social innovation and commitment to the environment.

It also involves giving LACROIX Electronics employees and partners in the project a chance to share their thoughts: EDF, Schneider Electric, Bpifrance and Spatio will each discuss the project as part of these videos.

By highlighting our partners, we underscore our mission to work in an open and innovative ecosystem. This way of working together is at the heart of the Symbiose project and the electronics industry in general,” concludes Landry Chiron.

5-part web series


Episode 1 : Birth

With the participation of Vincent Bedouin, Chairman and CEO of LACROIX Group, Renaud Lemetayer, Maintenance and operational safety manager at LACROIX Electronics, and Charlotte Clémot, operator at LACROIX Electronics.




Episode 2

We are working on the next episode dedicated to the industrial pillar of Symbiose, the Smart Industry.
Release scheduled for spring 2021.


Episode 3

Release scheduled for summer 2021.


Episode 4

Release scheduled for autumn 2021.


Episode 5

Release scheduled for winter 2021-2022.