The management team defines the company’s strategy and ensures its implementation, in line with LACROIX’s orientations. In constant contact with the general managers of each site, the management team oversees the successful development of the production sites and the design center.


  • Vincent Bedouin



  • Louis Pourdieu

    Louis Pourdieu

    Executive Managing Director EMEA & VP Industrial

  • Serge Laverdure

    General Manager - Impulse Design Center

  • Frédéric Dacheux

  • Cédric Castagnet

    VP Purchasing

  • Stéphane Gendrot

    Stéphane Gendrot

    VP Business Development

  • Laurent Heck

    VP Finance

  • Thomas Lesort

    VP Human Resources

  • Pascal Rapharin

    VP Program Management

  • Emmanuel Thommerel

    VP IT

  • Matthieu Daudin

    Strategic Marketing​ Director​

  • Rémi Merle

    Rémi Merle

    General Manager Zriba (Tunisia)

  • Claude Bourget

    General Manager Beaupréau-en-Mauges (France)

  • Andrzej Mrozik

    General Manager Kwidzyn (Poland)

  • Frank Weiss

    General Manager Willich (Germany)

North America Team

  • Stéphane Klajzyngier

    Stéphane Klajzyngier

    President LACROIX North America

  • John Sammut

    CEO LACROIX North America

  • Jochen Lipp

    COO LACROIX North America

  • Jeff Orchard

    CFO LACROIX North America

  • Sandy Kolp

    VP Business Development & Program Manager

  • Wally Johnson

    VP Finance, Supply Chain & IT

  • Guillermo Ortiz Perez

    Quality Director

  • Brad Albert

    Commodity Management Director

  • Keith Kolp

    Plant Manager (Grand Rapids)