The management team defines the company’s strategy and ensures its implementation, in line with LACROIX Group’s orientations. In constant contact with the general managers of each site, the management team oversees the successful development of the production sites and the design center.

13 members, a common vision

  • Stéphane KLAJZYNGIER

    Executive Managing Director

  • Dominique Chanteau

    VP Purchasing

  • Stéphane Gendrot

    VP Business Development

  • Laurent Heck

    VP Financial Control

  • Corinne Fischer Gode

    VP Human Resources

  • Pascal Rapharin

    VP Program Management

  • Emmanuel Thommerel

    VP IT

  • Benjamin Gauchenot

    VP Quality & Operations

  • Dragan Persic

    General Manager Zriba (Tunisia)

  • Claude Bourget

    General Manager Saint-Pierre-Montlimart (France)

  • Philippe Marquet

    General Manager Engineering Office

  • Andrzej Mrozik

    General Manager Kwidzyn (Poland)

  • Frank Weiss

    General Manager Willich (Germany)