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As well as being Tunisia’s biggest customer, France is also the country’s biggest investor. This interest in Tunisia can be explained by the country’s various strategic advantages for manufacturers and their relocated production. Tunisia’s geographical location not only makes it an ideal regional hub for production, but also for investment, thanks to the competitiveness of its workforce and its level of qualification.

Tunisia, a smart alternative to improve your productivity

At the gateway to Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Tunisia is a high-potential industrial region, with a number of factors that make it attractive to industry. Its geographical location not only brings production closer to consumers, but also ensures greater security of supply. By limiting their dependence on Asian markets, manufacturers based in Tunisia also optimize their transport and labor costs.

A skilled workforce at an ultra-competitive cost

Tunisia has great potential for the European market, thanks to its modern equipment and the high level of qualification of its operators, for a lower wage bill than that of Moroccan employees, for example.

Main d'oeuvre qualifiée Tunisie

A strategic position in the southern Mediterranean

Tunisia enjoys strategic geographical proximity to the European continent, sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East market. At the crossroads of several industrial and commercial zones, this ideal location offers numerous prospects for manufacturers wishing to relocate their production.

“Tunisia has many assets: an extraordinarily qualified population, a geographical position at the crossroads of Europe and Africa that makes it a natural link between our two continents, genuine expertise in key sectors, and a dynamic private sector. It is essential to capitalize on this agility by encouraging more business-to-business partnerships.”
Laurent Saint-Martin, Managing Director, Business France

Relations between Tunisia and France are solid and long-lasting. More than 8 billion euros are exchanged between the two countries every year. Investment flows from France are unprecedented, with the 1,500 French factories in Tunisia employing 150,000 people.

Local partnerships and public support

Today’s geopolitical climate and the risk of stock shortages are prompting companies to reorient their strategy by relocating production closer to home, in order to better control their supply chain, associated costs and carbon footprint.

The many French industrial partnerships already in place, and the political will of Tunisia and France to strengthen their political and commercial partnerships, are making it easier for manufacturers to relocate. A new Maghreb Fund is planned to co-finance French investment projects in North Africa. BPI France will soon be offering international support to help French companies relocate their production to the southern Mediterranean.

The LACROIX factory in Zriba

Located south of Tunis, the LACROIX plant opened in 2005. It draws on the competitiveness and dynamism of the Tunisian industrial market, as well as on the Group’s know-how. The level of expertise and efficiency, as well as the quality, reliability and durability of production meet the requirements of all our international customers.

Modern infrastructure and advanced technology

With over 7,500m2 of floor space and 720 employees trained by the factory’s IPC-A610 2-3 certified training center, our Zriba site has the capacity to produce medium and large production runs at ultra-competitive costs.

The reliability and flexibility of our production capacities enable us to meet the expectations of major players in the automotive, industrial, home automation and aeronautics sectors.

Our on-site teams are committed to ensuring that products are brought to market on schedule, and can also handle production ramp-up. The site even has dedicated and specialized production lines, to better adapt to the specific expectations of certain high-potential markets.


Reliable, optimized production on a guaranteed, certified site

By applying the strategic principles of Lean Management to these five production lines, the Zriba site has access to all the Group’s know-how, including selective brazing, varnishing and resin-coating, the implementation of customized test protocols and the integration of finished products.

As a guarantee of its performance, quality and reliability, the plant complies with the Group’s quality standards. The plant has obtained several international standards, including :
– ISO 9001 ;
– ISO 14 001 ;
– ATF 16949 ;
– EN/AS/JISQ 9100.

LACROIX ecosystem: solid, comprehensive support

The Zriba site benefits from all the industrial power of the Group to which it belongs, thanks to the many synergies with our support departments. This sharing of resources enables our Tunisian teams to benefit from the knowledge of our experts in our design offices, or to take advantage of the strike force of our purchasing department to optimize and secure supplies.

Pooling skills with other factories in France, Germany and Poland also guarantees a level of expertise and standards common to all Group entities.

Fast, on-time delivery is due in particular to the quality of local Tunisian infrastructures, as well as the performance of our local logistics teams, in direct contact with their regional partners and customers.


Rémi Merle

Our Tunisian plant offers a comprehensive range of services, from industrialization to mass production of electronic assemblies.
Anchored  to a highly flexible & committed team, we are driven by customer satisfaction. As a leading cost country  associated with people with advanced technical skills,  we provide a competitive offer to customers at the gates of Europe.

General Manager Zriba, Tunisia

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