As part of a commitment to continuously improve and in remaining faithful to the values of the LACROIX, the environmental quality policy we pursue is guided by our strategic plan. Together with our customers, our employees and our entire ecosystem, we are committed to cultivating difference and developing innovation. On a daily basis, this policy is reflected in numerous actions related to quality, safety, the environment, hygiene or the information system.

Multi-market andmulti-siteaccreditationsthat guarantee quality services for you

Our sites are certified, according to their areas of activity, by approved third-party organisations. Thus, we offer services in accordance with the quality and environment standards in force.

Our key accreditations:


A robust and time-adjusted management system

Since 1992, the Electronics activity of LACROIX has entered into a dynamic management by quality.


A harmonised quality system at all our production sites

As an extension of the Integrated Management System, we are deploying a number of tools and methods in different areas across all our sites :

  • Industrial Excellence (Lean Manufacturing, Visual Management, 5S, SMED, etc.)
  • Quality tools (QRQC, 5W, 8D, FMEA, PDCA, etc.)
  • Standards and good practices (Supply Chain, Process, Project Management, etc.) 

For products designed by our design center and our production sites, we support our customers in order to offer them a comprehensive offer including CE marking (or its equivalent depending on the markets), EMC expertise, safety (EN60950 , ISO26262, EN13849 Safety), MTBF calculations and FMEA products/processes.  


Specific approvals for export and the civil avionics & defence market 

UL ZPVI2/ZPVI8 approval : We are also UL ZPVI2/ZPVI8 certified, which allows us to assemble electronic cards for UL certified products from our customers to North America. 

PART 21 G and PART 145 approval:  We have aeronautical production and maintenance approvals PART 145 et PART 21G. Thus, we are able to release electronic equipment for airlines with their EASA Form One certificate of airworthiness. 


Symbiose, the electronic factory of the future

Led by the Electronics activity of LACROIX, Symbiose is the ambitious project to build a French plant at the cutting edge of technology that respects the environment and is designed to ensure the fulfilment of its employees.

Discover the Symbiose project