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With the rise of IoT solutions and electronics becoming more and more important in the industry, the challenges related to the production of electronic equipment have now multiplied. Advanced sectors such as the avionics, automotive and home automation sectors need to meet an increasing number of requirements. So how can we minimise the risk of failure and make products more secure?

 An in-depth look at the industrial processes implemented to meet customer quality requirements.

Go through the electronic products with a fine-tooth comb and aim for zero defects

In order to meet these challenges, all our SMT (Surface Mounted Components) lines are equipped with SPI (Solder Paste Inspection) machines to measure and control the quality of solder paste deposits after screen printing. It is then the AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) which, after reflow, controls the quality of the welds and the presence of the components.

Certain lines producing products equipped with BGA (Ball Grid Array) components are equipped with on-line or off-line X-ray machines allowing the quality of solder joints and in particular the presence of cavities (voids) to be checked.

This entire test strategy is of course supplemented by ICT testing and final functional testing on the assembled card.

Frédéric Dacheux

The combination of automatic vision detection systems (SPI and AOI) and ever more efficient testing methods (ICT and Functional), allows us today to aim for zero defects; which seemed to us not long ago to be a difficult goal to achieve

Frederic DACHEUX
VP of Quality - LACROIX, Electronics Activity

Combating PPM (“parts per million”), i.e. the number of defective parts per million parts produced per year, represents a daily challenge. To achieve zero defects, different methods for problem solving and reducing process variability are used.


Focus on operational excellence and Lean management

A successful quality approach goes hand in hand with a strategy of operational excellence. This culture of performance implies :

  • Reliable manufacturing processes,
  • a LACROIX production system,
  • continuous improvement through lean management.



Surround yourself with a reliable and certified partner

Obtaining international standard certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EN/AS/JISQ 9100, or IATF 16949 for the automotive sector provide customers with essential guarantees.



Each new requirement of our customers drives us to excel and constantly innovate. Quality needs to be everyone’s business, which is why we train all our employees to adopt this philosophy.


Tahani Harbaoui
CFT quality manager - Electronics Activity of LACROIX, Tunisia

Quality service is cross-functional and brings together the expertise needed to comply with industrial processes. It focuses on method and rigour, as shown in this article on quality service in Poland.


All production sites of the Electronics Activity use all of their know-how to fulfil its mission. Striving for operational excellence is essential to meet customer requirements and rise to their challenges.