We coordinate the production of your electronic products, embedded systems and industrial connected objects from within our additional production sites. Our means of production are both connected and collaborative: you enjoy direct access to our dedicated teams who oversee the execution of your project, from small series to large ones.

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Serial production geared toward the Smart Industry and Lean Management

During this phase of production, our vision of the Smart Industry materialises in the form of an adaptable organisation, infrastructure and machines connected in real time (robotics and cobotics), and an ecosystem in constant communication from the suppliers to the customers. Our methods, inspired by lean management, also promote production system optimisation in order to maximise the level of quality for you.

Assembly of electronic boards on SMD lines, selective soldering, varnishing, robustification, product integration, tests… our production process is extensive.

The pillars of electronic production at the cutting edge of technology



As a trailblazer in miniaturisation in the professional sphere, we are consistently manufacturing products that are increasingly smaller and denser in components for our customers.

Developed through digital use, this microelectronic technology provides multiple benefits: better control of the density and proximity of components, reduced energy consumption, product feature enhancement through the optimisation of its appearance and use and so much more!

Robustification: varnishing and resinising

In robustification, the goal is to safeguard your product’s electronic functions, no matter the harsh environment in which it will be used (extreme temperatures, humidity, impact & vibrations…). These safeguards correspond to the level of reliability that was specified during the design phase.

From varnishing to resining, our wide array of robustification technologies enables us to guide you towards the solution best suited for your needs.


Mechatronic integration

Integrating of complex electronic systems directly linked to your product design allows for multiple elements to be constructed for a finished product.

Using proven techniques (i.e. screwing, mechanical assembly, clipping, stamping, resining and bonding, marking by laser/label/micro-percussion) mastered by our teams. In an effort of continuous improvement, we also strive to have the most repetitive tasks automated.

We are also implementing power electronics-specific technologies: connecting massive components, heat dissipation and complex soldering.


All your electronic boards and products are tested according to the requirements of your market and your expectations for maximum coverage.

The zero defects quality objective draws on our ability to develop processes for structural, functional and regulatory testing.

Our expertise in Test



All the initiatives throughout the product life cycle enable us to reduce its environmental impact. In addition to the solutions proposed at the product design stage, LACROIX is also committed to an eco-production approach focusing on two areas of work:

  • Streamlining the electronic assembly production cycle
  • Optimising the environmental impact of LACROIX production plants

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OUR Eco-production approach