The miniaturisation of electronic components represents a major challenge for manufacturers. In order to guarantee the level of quality and reliability required by the markets, the Electronics activity of LACROIX has partnered with other manufacturers within the PLéiade (La PLate-forme Européenne d’Intégration d’Assemblage et de Développement Electronique) [European Assembly Integration and Electronic Development Platform] collaborative platform.
Focus on this major project, which involves six large players in the European professional electronics industry.

Technological advances in recent years have led to an increasing miniaturisation of microelectronic components. In this race to the infinitely small, electronic components have become extremely complex systems in their own right.

This evolution implies new challenges in terms of design, production and reliability, but also in terms of assembly. The miniaturisation of components also involves new production issues, including machine performance and process complexity. To face these new challenges, manufacturers in the sector are multiplying innovative initiatives.

Pooling skills in a common approach

For the first time, the Electronics activity of LACROIX has joined forces with five other manufacturers in the French electronics industry within the PLéiade platform to pool their expertise and industrial knowledge. Inaugurated in 2016 in Angers (Maine-et-Loire), this technical and collaborative platform is part of the WISE programme, which aims to develop the electronics sector in the Great Western France.

The Pleiade platform was launched to pool the production processes of six major French players in the electronics sector. Gathered in a consortium, these six companies pool their respective expertise to lead innovative projects, in a process of convergence of technological roadmaps.

Quality and reliability objective

Together, the Electronics activity of LACROIX and its partners are working to improve the assembly of highly integrated miniature components for the aeronautics, automotive, health, home and building automation and industrial markets. The objective is to produce miniaturised objects with a very high level of quality and reliability.

The Pleiade platform also provides coordination, a strategic and forward-looking vision and a common communication strategy for the six partners. Managed by the WE Network cluster, the project is supported by local authorities and the State



This is a rather original situation, because this collegial work allows each manufacturer to improve. Each of the participants is in charge of a mission: technology watch, design of electronic board prototypes, carrying out analyses… The pooling of expertise and experience allows us to go faster at a lower cost. Each member of the consortium has a keen awareness that we are stronger together.

Damien Branchereau
Process Engineer at the Electronics activity of LACROIX

The PLéiade project, a factor of technological acceleration

By focusing on collaborative work and pooling their investments, the Electronics activity of LACROIX and its partners within Pléiade are sending a strong message to major European clients: “By joining together in the same consortium, we are offering a whole ecosystem,” says Damien Branchereau. “This reassures decision-makers about our ability to absorb the strong growth to come, and demonstrates the existence of real industrial capacity in Europe.”

In the age of the digital revolution, the development of IoT and miniaturisation offers great opportunities for innovation, employment and economic development. With a leading industrial fabric in the field of professional electronics, LACROIX and its partners in the Great Western France region have many assets to pursue the development of electronic production on the French territory.

The market for miniaturised components is therefore in a phase of strong growth in the professional sector. Without a doubt, made in France electronics, has a bright future ahead.


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