The Electronics activity of LACROIX provides you with customised support, from the design phase to production of your electronic features. Achieving the expected level of performance at a target cost and with a design optimised for production are the biggest issues surrounding the development of a new product.

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Developing a robust and competitive electronic product within a set time frame!

From the very start of your project our R&D experts are at your side, ready to turn your idea into reality. From determining your needs to accreditation, we design your product with your functional, environmental, ergonomic, and aesthetic requirements firmly in mind. Our adaptable and flexible engineers offer you customised solutions, relying on a library of pre-qualified functional blocks.

Major manufacturers from various lines of business have already entrusted us to develop ambitious electronic projects. Respecting quality standards, optimising time-to-market and time-to-volume, and working in close collaboration with your teams are not only our priorities, they’re the keys to success.

As part of our efforts to continuously improve, we are committed to consolidating our technological and industrial skills by working within a complete ecosystem: partners, suppliers, and universities support us in our aim to offer solutions based on the most cutting-edge technologies. Always pushing the boundaries of innovation, our teams are developing a technological and industrial roadmap in order to anticipate future needs and come up with new technical solutions to accelerate the development of your products.

Cutting-edge technologies built into your product


Data Processing

Data and communications management, a central feature of any electronic system, is covered by a core CPU, communication interfaces, and the product’s software application.

The system manages data collection, processing, and storage, as well as decision-making and actuator control. It also responsible for the means of communication and optimisation of energy management.

Our expert teams will determine the best hardware and software architecture to meet your needs.

Wireless communication

With the emergence and development of the IoT (Internet of Things), communication technologies have not stopped evolving.

As experts in this field, we will help you find the type of communication technology that best suits your needs:

  • short distances: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Thread, NFC
  • long distances: Lora, Sigfox, 3/4G, LTE-M, NB-IoT and 5G in the future
  • development of antennas
  • product radio-frequency qualification

Sensors & actuators

By harnessing the range of sensor and actuator technologies, and by relying on the strength of our supplier network, our engineers give your products the ability to interact with the outside world, to measure physical quantities (i.e. temperature, frequency, currant, tension) and to manage actuators.

Our knowledge, combined with analogue and digital simulation tools allow us to respond to your technical requirements.

OUR EXPERTISE in Sensors & actuators


Our expertise in the field of LED lighting is reflected in its operational excellence as well as our design expertise (i.e. heat dissipation, optical design, environmental performance).

We design product lighting systems to respond to the requirements of all markets we serve : industrial, automotive, home & building automation, civil avionics & defence and healthcare.


Human-machine interface

We offer our clients intuitive, resistant and customisable human-machine interfaces allowing the user to interact with the machine through sensory interactions.

Whether tactile, haptic, visual or auditory, these interfaces will meet your ergonomics and aesthetics needs.

Energy management

Converting, optimising and managing energy are key components to the design of an electronic product.

Simulating system behaviours early on in the phase allows our teams to put into place the best suited features for managing and optimising energy (converters, Power Factor Correction, battery systems, power management), while also aligning mechanical, thermal and performance requirements.



To achieve a pared down aesthetic or to fulfil a functional need, we will develop your product and ensure the industrialisation of its pieces by collaborating with professionals in the fields of mechanics and plastics processing.

Our experience has allowed us to design, among others: home & building automation products with strict aesthetical and ergonomic requirements, industrial products with strong environmental constraints (IP68) and products with complex kinematics.



“Eco-design involves the inclusion of environmental considerations at the design stage of a product or service, and thereafter during all stages of its life cycle” (AFNOR 2004). Our experts analyse three levers, starting with the design stage of a product, to reduce its environmental impact:

  • The materials used
  • Product development
  • The product assembly procedures

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our eco-design approach