The life cycle of the majority of electronic products exceeds 10 years, which is incompatible with the life cycle of components. The Electronics activity of LACROIX works with you to manage the risk of obsolescence in order to sustain production of your product and in turn continue its development on the market.

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Managing your product at the end of its life cycle

Two solutions are available to you:

  • Maintaining security and management of component obsolescence
  • Optimising production though a partial or complete redesign

These complementary solutions offered by our experts from the purchasing departments, engineering offices, and production guarantee both sustainable and optimised production, while respecting your quality, cost and time frame requirements.

Managing obsolescence and redesigning your products to prolong their lifetime


Maintaining security and management of component obsolescence

We work with you to devise the right strategy for tackling forecasted obsolescence and to prolong the lifetime of your products by aligning them with predictions about your future needs.

Our predictive tools for anticipating market evolution and component obsolescence give us the power to analyse your product’s BOM (bill of materials). They also examine the lifespan and available volumes of components and find alternative options.

Our numerous services dedicated to securing and sustaining production of your product, without affecting the PCB layout, include:

  • Last purchase order and end-of-life-cycle inventory management
  • Establishment of a second source with pin-to-pin compatibility and identical specifications
  • Supply of similar components with pin-to-pin compatibility but with different specifications

Our technical, procurement and supply chain teams, are directly involved in this activity to assist and guide you towards the best solution for maximising your product’s life cycle.

Optimising production

Backed by our engineering office’s vast industrial expertise, our engineers work side-by-side with you to optimise the production of your product.

Your product may go through many changes in features, structure or even in appearance throughout its life cycle. This is where the redesign phase, either partial or total and the advanced industrialisation of your product, including Design for eXcellence, PCB layout and prototyping, come into play. These services are key for the Electronics activity of LACROIX to offer your product a second life.