With the promise of exponential growth in the sphere of the IoT (Internet of Things), our customers seek fast, flexible, reliable, innovative and competitive partners who can offer the best possible conditions to launch their projects. To meet this challenge, the Electronics activity of LACROIX, along with its entire ecosystem, are building the electronics industry of the future: a critical undertaking to support our customers’ transformation within the Smart World.

Just imagine, the electronics industry of the future

We have a digitalized, automated, collaborative, state-of-the-art industrial tool equipped with the most cutting-edge technologies at our disposal, which enables us to provide optimal support to our customers from day one. By investing in the Smart Industry, we endow ourselves with the ability to meet any future challenge in an environmentally responsible manner.

Dominique Maisonneuve
Smart Industry Project Manager

The Smart Industry in three elements

Industrial performance, the connected ecosystem  and the augmented operator are the three pillars of LACROIX’s Smart Industry strategy. Each of these projects is driven by the search for new services for our customers and by the development of actions for the well-being of our employees.

During technological strategy development or as part of continuous improvements, we study a variety of solutions, such as:

  • the digitalization and automation of production using “Smart” line models,
  • the overall interaction of players in the ecosystem via connecting information systems,
  • the smart exploitation of data to the benefit of industrial excellence,
  • artificial intelligence is the technological link between each of these lines. The solutions provided are intuitive and able to comprehend the user’s needs, to support the user in anticipating and resolving problems.

To properly fulfill this goal, the Electronics activity of LACROIX invests in transformation. One team is entirely dedicated to Smart Industry, to ensure optimal project follow-up. As network architecture and data are being at the core of the electronics industry of the future, strong focus also placed on functions connected to the information system.


Symbiose, the electronic factory of the future

Symbiose is the new electronics plant of LACROIX, symbolising the industrial revival in France, at the cutting edge of technology that respects the environment and is designed to ensure workplace quality of life.