Created in 1971, the Saint-Pierre-Montlimart site is the registered office of our company and is a precursor in the industry of the future. A site that has developed a long-term expertise and a customised offer to support our clients in their most complex projects.

In 2016 our factory was labelled “Showcase Industry of the Future” for its digitalisation project and the automation of the factory. A distinction that underlines the ability of our company to anticipate the future, while installing development on a sustainable basis.

Major contributor to advanced product industrialisation

The advantage our production site is the advanced industrialisation of your product through the delivery of a comprehensive service:

  • Design for eXcellence services throughout the product’s life cycle
  • Resources dedicated to rapid prototyping
  • Reliable introduction process for the production of new products
  • Solutions for managing product obsolescence

Thanks to the different expertise present in our factories, we are able to offer our clients a service tailored to their time-to-market requirements for their product and the issues the ramp up of production brings with it.

Our factory in France also relies on efficient support services for the optimisation of cost, such as our Supply Chain strategy, centralised procurement service and purchasing service.


Our French plant offers expertise and proximity to its customers thanks to a strong knowledge of market needs and customer expectations. Deliberately focused on technological, social and ecological innovation our teams are involved in the Symbiose project, our new electronic factory of the future, which is scheduled to open in 2021 in Beaupréau.

Claude Bourget
General Manager Saint-Pierre-Montlimart

Our key figures

Since 1971
460 employees
4 SMD lines
12,000 m2

Made in France production

No less than 450 employees work in this factory to satisfy our customers from, for example, civil avionics & defence, home & building automation, industry and medical. Our factory has the capacity and the means to manage complex projects focused on small and medium production series.

To achieve the ambitious projects entrusted to us by our customers, we have a production area of 12,000m2, equipped with 4 SMD lines including a line dedicated to the production of prototypes and robust production processes :

  • SMD and through-hole components
  • coating and resining
  • customised test solutions
  • finished product integration

In order to provide a customised service, our employees are trained through our certified IPC training centre. As a result, they develop skills that meet the specific needs of our customers and enable us to achieve a high level of production quality (IPC 610 2-3).

Our certifications




The Saint-Pierre-Montlimart site also has approvals PART 145 and PART 21G.


21 avenue de Bon Air
Saint-Pierre Montlimart – CS 11502
49115 Montrevault sur Evre Cedex
+33 2 41 75 40 00

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