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Today’s the day! After several months of work, construction of the new electronics plant of LACROIX is completed. It is therefore a big day for Jérémy who is heading for Beaupréau-en-Mauges (France) to visit Symbiose! And for this last episode of the “Yes to Symbiose” web series, he has a big surprise in store for us…

With the final stages of the project, a 4.0 guided tour and a collaboration with Bpifrance, don’t miss this final episode in the style of “Back to the future”!

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A final episode in 3 stages

In this last episode, actor Jérémy Sanaghéal discovers the layout of the new 4.0 Symbiose plant.


First stop: The finalisation of an ambitious industrial project with Eric Meynet

Because the story of Symbiose began in the old factory, it is in Saint-Pierre-Montlimart that Jérémy meets with Eric to discuss the completion of this colossal industrial project, now a reality. And what better way to finish in style than a conversation in a Delorean for a confirmed fan of “Back to the future”?


We are very proud of what Symbiose has become today. It is both the major project of a career, but also and above all a collective success shared with all the employees and partners involved since 2018.

This new plant is based on 3 strong pillars (industrial, environmental and social) and meets our customers’ requirements.

Eric Meynet
Operational Excellence Manager & Symbiose Project Manager – Electronics Activity of LACROIX

Second stop: The 4.0 guided tour with Claude Bourget

The Delorean starts up and we’re off for a 7 km journey to Beaupréau-en-Mauges, in Maine-et-Loire, between Nantes, Angers and Cholet. At the heart of the production workshops, Claude, the plant manager, welcomes Jérémy and offers him a 4.0 guided tour.

A Smart Industry programme, between digitization and automation:

  • Exotec, the 100% automated storage store that enables better stock management and faster, more reliable preparation of components
  • Totec, an automated small component management system that offers complete traceability of our production
  • The new high-speed SMT line (30 components per second!) which targets large volume markets

In this new plant, we design and manufacture the electronic projects of our customers from the industrial, aeronautical and defence sectors, as well as large-volume production (home automation, automotive and medical).

We support them in their innovation projects, however big or small.

Claude Bourget
Director of the Beaupréau-en-Mauges plant - Electronics activity of LACROIX

Final stop: The successful collaboration between BpiFrance and LACROIX, with Chloé Schiaffino

The creation of this new plant is also the result of a succesful alliance with Bpifrance as partners and co-financers. To learn more about this collaboration with LACROIX, Jérémy meets up with Chloé Schiaffino, Investment Director at Bpifrance.


The quality of the Symbiose project, its regional roots, the industrial innovation it showcases and its ambition to embody the renewal of industry in France were decisive criteria in our choice to invest.

Today, building on this relationship of trust, we continue to support LACROIX in other projects, in particular with the acquisition of Firstronic in the United States.

Chloé Schiaffino
Investment Director - Bpifrance

Bpifrance, through the SPI fund, co-financed the Symbiose project. The SPI (Sociétés de Projets Industriels) fund is managed by Bpifrance and financed by the Future Investment Programme and the European Investment Bank.


LACROIX has therefore succeeded in its crazy bid to build its new electronics plant in France! Symbiose is a concentrate of industrial technology and know-how that will enable LACROIX to better meet its customers’ requirements and support them in their electronics projects.

5-part web series


Episode 1: Birth

With the participation of Vincent Bedouin, Chairman and CEO of LACROIX, Renaud Lemetayer, Maintenance and operational safety manager at Electronics activity of LACROIX, and Charlotte Clémot, operator at Electronics activity of LACROIX.




Episode 2: Industrial innovation

With the participation of Stéphane Zocchetti, Warehouse Manager at Electronics activity of LACROIX, Christelle Ménard, Customer Planner Referent at Electronics activity of LACROIX and Christophe Boy, Consulting and Tendering Director at Schneider Electric France.



Episode 3: Stronger together

With the participation of Emeline Petiteau, HR Operations Manager of Electronics activity, Dominique Mallard, AOI Manager, member of the experts and Digifriends of Electronics activity and Ingrid Le Corvaisier, Development Project Manager of Spatio agency.




Episode 4: The Environmental Approach

With the participation of Sophie Terrier, Quality, Safety and Environment assistant of Electronics activity of LACROIX, Cacharel Miaka, Customer support technician at the Environment activity of LACROIX and Guillaume Lelong, Innovation and Major Projects Manager at EDF.




Episode 5: Mission accomplished

With the participation of Eric Meynet, Operational Excellence Manager & Symbiose Project Manager of Electronics Activity of LACROIX, Claude Bourget, Director of the Beaupréau-en-Mauges plant of Electronics activity of LACROIX and Chloé Schiaffino, Investment Director – Bpifrance.








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