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How should Symbiose, LACROIX’s future electronics factory, be built to take its energy impact into account? That is the question addressed in this 4th episode of the “Yes to Symbiose” web series, all about the environmental aspect of the project. An HQE (High Environmental Quality) building, water and energy management with the Environment Activity, work with national electricity company EDF, etc.

A sporting and musical episode to talk about the environmental approach of Symbiose!

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Subtitles available in French and English.

The environmental approach described in exchanges with 3 different people

In this episode, actor Jérémy Sanaghéal takes a look at environmental innovation, the 3rd major pillar of the Symbiose project. So he puts on his sports kit and sets off to meet Sophie, Cacharel and Guillaume.


Part 1: Sophie Terrier on High Environmental Quality buildings

Wearing a harness and a safety helmet, Jérémy scales the side of the building and reaches the “Mauges rooftops”, the roof of the Symbiose factory. Here, Sophie Terrier meets him to talk about the 4 key factors in this HQE building, which are:

  • Solar energy production through the installation of 10,000 m² of solar panels (and charging points for electric cars)
  • Centralised management of heating with reversible air conditioning and thermal insulation using the latest technologies
  • An LED lighting device that adjusts lighting in workshops
  • A rainwater harvesting system for watering green spaces and supplying toilets

Symbiose is the opportunity to heighten our environmental responsibility. All of the equipment in the future factory is designed to harness our energy better and make sure that everyone’s comfortable.

Sophie Terrier
Quality, Safety and Environment assistant at the Electronics activity of LACROIX

Part 2: Management of water and energy infrastructure with Cacharel Miaka

Jérémy continues his adventure with Cacharel Miaka… on electric scooters! Cacharel shows Jérémy how the scooter works, and then invites him to discover the 2 flagship products of the Environment activity of LACROIX dedicated to water and energy management.

  • The S4TH, a remote control device for technical management of buildings
  • The LTUS, a data logger for monitoring the level of rainwater in the collection basin

In the Symbiose project, we have been working in tandem with the Electronics activity of LACROIX to deploy the Environment activity products with a view to improving the environmental performance of the future production plant.

Cacharel Miaka
Customer support technician at the Environment activity of LACROIX

Part 3: Cooperation between EDF and LACROIX with Guillaume Lelong

“I can’t, I’ve got biking to do!” Jérémy gets on an exercise bike to continue his adventure with Guillaume Lelong. Via videoconference, Guillaume tells him how EDF and LACROIX started working together, and about the technical solutions adopted for Symbiose.


The factory of the future is energy efficient and low carbon. So for Symbiose, we thought up solutions for producing energy using solar panels on carports and on the roof. They will produce the equivalent consumption of 350 average households in France!

Guillaume Lelong
Innovation and Major Projects Manager at EDF

Using technological advances, the Electronics activity of LACROIX has combined a whole host of solutions to cut its energy consumption and even produce energy! By promoting these kinds of initiative, the sector will become more and more respectful of the environment.

5-part web series


Episode 1: Birth

With the participation of Vincent Bedouin, Chairman and CEO of LACROIX, Renaud Lemetayer, Maintenance and operational safety manager at Electronics activity of LACROIX, and Charlotte Clémot, operator at Electronics activity of LACROIX.




Episode 2: Industrial innovation

With the participation of Stéphane Zocchetti, Warehouse Manager at Electronics activity of LACROIX, Christelle Ménard, Customer Planner Referent at Electronics activity of LACROIX and Christophe Boy, Consulting and Tendering Director at Schneider Electric France.



Episode 3: Stronger together

With the participation of Emeline Petiteau, HR Operations Manager of Electronics activity, Dominique Mallard, AOI Manager, member of the experts and Digifriends of Electronics activity and Ingrid Le Corvaisier, Development Project Manager of Spatio agency.




Episode 4: The Environmental Approach

With the participation of Sophie Terrier, Quality, Safety and Environment assistant of Electronics activity of LACROIX, Cacharel Miaka, Customer support technician at the Environment activity of LACROIX and Guillaume Lelong, Innovation and Major Projects Manager at EDF.






Episode 5

We are working on the next (and last) episode of web-series “Yes to Symbiose”.
Scheduled for March 2022.




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