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In this second episode of the “Yes to Symbiose, the electronic factory of the future” web series, the focus is on industrial innovation. Automation, digitalisation… come and discover the Smart Industry initiatives rolled out as part of the Symbiose project. Our goal? To keep supporting our customers in their electronics projects to the best of our ability.

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3 meetings to understand industrial innovation

In this episode, the French actor Jérémy Sanaghéal takes a look at industrial innovation, the first important pillar of the Symbiose project. For this, he goes to meet Stéphane, Christelle and Christophe, as well as robots and cobots at the factory!  

Part 1: Automation with Stéphane Zocchetti and the Exotec warehouse

On the construction site of the future factory in Beaupréau-en-Mauges, Jérémy meets Stéphane Zocchetti, Warehouse Manager at Electronics Activity of LACROIX. Together, they talk about the Skypod solution provided by Exotec to manage the automated warehouse and customer benefits.


More surface area, more flexibility and productivity, this adjustable solution of an automated warehouse will allow us to store the components more efficiently. Along with a fleet of robots, this technology brings a real change in the way we work.

Stéphane Zocchetti
Warehouse Manager at Electronics Activity of LACROIX

Part 2: Digitalisation with Christelle Ménard and the IBP tool

The IBP planning and simulation tool on which Christelle Ménard, Customer Planner Referent at Electronics Activity of LACROIX, is working was created in the current factory. With Jérémy, Christelle explains how important the challenges of digitalisation are for our customers.


The collaborative IBP tool connects to our different production interfaces and yields faster and more reliable results to meet the growing needs of the industry. It enables us to stabilise our production plan and therefore it makes customer interaction easier.

Christelle Ménard
Customer Planner Referent at Electronics Activity of LACROIX

Part 3: Industrial transformation with Christophe Boy and Schneider – LACROIX partnership

To build the new factory, the LACROIX teams relied on Schneider‘s expertise in lean management. Christophe Boy, Consulting & Tendering Director at Schneider Electric France, tells Jérémy how the partnership has enabled the industrial transformation of the current factory.


The aim of the Symbiose team is to build a new factory, a benchmark in terms of performance and competitiveness. The factory’s industrial transformation requires continuous improvement processes as well as a digital and cultural transformation.

Christophe Boy
Consulting & Tendering Director at Schneider Electric France

With promises of exponential growth in the world of IoT, LACROIX’s clients need quick, flexible, reliable, innovative and competitive partners to bring their projects to life in the best possible way. Consequently, with the entire Electronics Activity ecosystem, we are building the electronics industry of the future.

5-part web series


Episode 1: Birth

With the participation of Vincent Bedouin, Chairman and CEO of LACROIX, Renaud Lemetayer, Maintenance and operational safety manager at Electronics activity of LACROIX, and Charlotte Clémot, operator at Electronics activity of LACROIX.




Episode 2: Industrial innovation

With the participation of Stéphane Zocchetti, Warehouse Manager at Electronics activity of LACROIX, Christelle Ménard, Customer Planner Referent at Electronics activity of LACROIX and Christophe Boy, Consulting and Tendering Director at Schneider Electric France.



Episode 3: Stronger together

With the participation of Emeline Petiteau, HR Operations Manager of Electronics activity, Dominique Mallard, AOI Manager, member of the experts and Digifriends of Electronics activity and Ingrid Le Corvaisier, Development Project Manager of Spatio agency.




Episode 4

We are working on the next episode dedicated to the social pillar of Symbiose.
Scheduled for Automn 2021. Coming soon.


Episode 5

Release scheduled for winter 2021-2022.




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