LACROIX Electronics

A great adventure finally comes to a close with the official opening of the new LACROIX factory. 

Jérémy donned his finest attire to celebrate Symbiose with LACROIX’s partners, suppliers, customers, institutional investors and other stakeholders. This episode focuses on this unique event in the French electronics industry.

In Beaupréau, LACROIX has planned a day filled with emotion with speeches, a ribbon-cutting ceremony, factory tours, conferences and more.

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Subtitles available in French and English

Focus on a strong, sovereign French electronics industry

Surrounded by its stakeholders, LACROIX has pulled out all the stops for the opening of Symbiose – the new electronic assembly factory of the future in France.

Vincent Bedouin, Chairman & CEO of LACROIX, opened the festivities with a speech:

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Thanks to the unwavering commitment of all the LACROIX teams, we are delighted to welcome you today to present our vision of the electronics industry of the future: Symbiose.

Vincent Bedouin
Chief Executive Officer, LACROIX

4 prominent figures in the French electronics and industrial sectors then took turns to share the importance of building a strong and sovereign electronics industry in France.

They each spoke about the notion of reindustrialization in France, as well as about the challenges facing the electronics sector.

  • Frédérique Le Grevès, Chairwoman of the Electronics Industry Strategic Committee (ISC) and CEO of STMicroelectronics France

“We are here to discover a human-centric, digitalized, connected, automated and environmentally friendly factory that I very much look forward to visiting.”

“I would like to extend a big thank you to the dream teams from the Pays de la Loire region who all contributed to this success that we are inaugurating today.”


From left to right, Nicolas Dufourcq, Frédérique Le Grèves, Roland Lescure, Vincent Bedouin, Pierre Ory – préfet de Maine et Loire, Christelle Morançais.

Presenting Symbiose: an awe-inspiring factory

Guests were able to discover an environmentally friendly and technologically advanced factory with a genuinely human dimension. Between appetizers and a tour of the factory, Jérémy had the pleasure of meeting Chloé Schiaffino, Investment Director at Bpifrance, and the SPI fund team. The only thing missing from this glimpse into the future was the infamous DeLorean!

He interacted with various customers who have been working with LACROIX for several years.

“This factory gives us an idea of what to expect from 2050; a better, decarbonized world.”

Magasin de stockage automatisé Exotec
EXOTEC, the automated warehouse


Jérémy then met with Alban-Thomas Beduneau, who shared his joy at having brought together all his customers and prospects to present the Smart Industry strategy deployed at the heart of Symbiose.

Finally, Eric Mongénie, Master Commodity Director at Safran Aerosystems, agreed to answer Jérémy’s questions. He shared what caught his eye during the tour:

  • The automated and digitalized Exotec and Totech warehouses;
  • The digitalization of communication processes regarding the instantaneous progress of production;
  • The humidity- and temperature-controlled environment and its benefits for production as well as for employee well-being;
  • The fact that the factory is low-carbon and environmentally friendly.
Eric Mongénie

We are looking for Industry 4.0 suppliers that are low carbon, and we have found one in LACROIX!

Eric Mongénie
Master Commodity Director Safran Aerosystems

With Symbiose, LACROIX is firmly focused on the future and aims to assist with the projects of its customers who wish to produce in France. 

Yes to Symbiose: the factory of the future!

6-part web series


Episode 1: Birth

With the participation of Vincent Bedouin, Chairman and CEO of LACROIX, Renaud Lemetayer, Maintenance and operational safety manager at Electronics activity of LACROIX, and Charlotte Clémot, operator at Electronics activity of LACROIX.




Episode 2: Industrial innovation

With the participation of Stéphane Zocchetti, Warehouse Manager at Electronics activity of LACROIX, Christelle Ménard, Customer Planner Referent at Electronics activity of LACROIX and Christophe Boy, Consulting and Tendering Director at Schneider Electric France.



Episode 3: Stronger together

With the participation of Emeline Petiteau, HR Operations Manager of Electronics activity, Dominique Mallard, AOI Manager, member of the experts and Digifriends of Electronics activity and Ingrid Le Corvaisier, Development Project Manager of Spatio agency.




Episode 4: The Environmental Approach

With the participation of Sophie Terrier, Quality, Safety and Environment assistant of Electronics activity of LACROIX, Cacharel Miaka, Customer support technician at the Environment activity of LACROIX and Guillaume Lelong, Innovation and Major Projects Manager at EDF.




Episode 5: Mission accomplished

With the participation of Eric Meynet, Operational Excellence Manager & Symbiose Project Manager of Electronics Activity of LACROIX, Claude Bourget, Director of the Beaupréau-en-Mauges plant of Electronics activity of LACROIX and Chloé Schiaffino, Investment Director – Bpifrance.