LACROIX Electronics

Digital transformation in service of reindustrialization

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We Network and LACROIX share the belief that industrial revival in Europe and France is possible. It is through digital transformation that the industry will become more modern and more connected. 

We Network has developed two areas of expertise on both aspects of this transformation. 


The PRODUCT aspect, with the rise of industrial connected objects known as IIoT 

The aim is to make products smarter and more connected in order to offer customers a genuine additional service based on the data collected thanks to the electronics embedded in the products. 

We Network thus helps companies to properly define their needs according to market expectations, and guides them towards the industrialization of these connected objects in French electronic assembly plants. 


The PROCESS aspect, with the advent of Industry 4.0 

It is also a matter of rethinking production tools to make machines more connected and automated in order to become more competitive. 

We Network helps the electronics sector in particular to optimize physical and data flows, by integrating the concepts of Industry 4.0 at the heart of the French electronic assembly sector. 

A whole range of technical resources and expertise is therefore shared within this technology resource center and cluster of companies with around 20 employees, which acts as a trusted third party for its 200 member manufacturers. 

Its mission is to help manufacturers accelerate their digital transformation thanks to the uncomplicated use of electronics. 

Sébastien Rospide

The idea is to see stakeholders work together and develop their investment capacities in synergy, and promote cooperation programs for their core business. All in the aim of speeding up their digital transformation and staying in the game”

Sébastien Rospide
Managing Director, We Network

An ever-growing dynamic

The digital transformation is not always easy for manufacturers to understand. Indeed, it utilizes a mix of partners and technologies that play a key role in the deployment of automation and digitalization projects. 

Questions remain about the ROI associated with this transformation, which implies major investments and a reorganization of processes. The evolution of the business lines as well as the management and optimization of new data are all challenges that companies must meet. 

Faced with these challenges, the role of a structure such as We Network is to support manufacturers in the electronics sector by acting as a neutral, trusted third-party, to share their problems and go further together. The cluster has been able to promote a “coopetition” approach within the sector by encouraging competing companies to work together to collectively advance industrial know-how with a common objective: the culture of results. 

The sharing of resources and feedback contributes to accelerated development for the electronics industry, all in a spirit of trust as promoted by We Network. 

Sébastien Rospide

Having experts from each of the competitors sit down together and share their know-how in order to advance their mutual knowledge is a project that would have been inconceivable in the early 2010s.”

Sébastien Rospide
Managing Director, We Network

The projects managed by We Network enable LACROIX to progress alongside other companies in the sector, as was recently the case in the very buoyant field of power electronics. 

Thanks in particular to the involvement and commitment of LACROIX, concrete actions have been put in place. The launch of the Symbiose factory in Beaupréau-en-Mauges, focusing on the industry of the future, is the perfect example and has shown a certain number of results of this cooperation approach. 

The digital transformation of the electronics sector is strategic for the future of the industry, but it requires working at the level of the entire ecosystem to meet the associated challenges. 

Collaborating with the whole sector is a key success factor for industrial projects in the electronics sector.