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Périne Jaffrennou, Chief Innovation Officer, Power & Gas Europe for TotalEnergies, is responsible for the development of the Conso Live solution used for the Conso Live service that is available in the TotalEnergies Electricity & Gas France app.

This hardware device contributes to making the Linky counters smarter in order to offer real-time visibility of electricity consumption, get a detailed understanding of the users’ needs from it, and provide personalized advice.

“The Conso Live solution constitutes a major tool for reducing the electricity consumption of our customers. It is the basis for a digital service that is provided in their TotalEnergies app which allows them to understand and control their consumption in order to reduce their energy bill as well as their environmental impact,” explains Périne Jaffrennou.

An environmental issue

The Conso Live solution is considered to be a concrete solution for helping to control energy consumption.


It is a device that is designed to respond to a significant environmental issue,” observes Périne Jaffrennou. “We think that it should be designed and produced in France so that it lives up to its ambition.

Perine Jaffrennou
Chief Innovation Officer, Power & Gas Europe for TotalEnergies

Sharing values

In their search for a solid, stable partner that also shared their values with regard to CSR, the TotalEnergies teams decided to entrust their design and production to LACROIX.

“Combining ‘Made in France’ with a true vision of the factory of tomorrow were decisive criteria in the relationship that will join us to LACROIX from now on. Our shared environmental values, as well as the expertise of the teams at all stages of the project, have allowed us to move forward with confidence.”

Effective organization

The project team put together by LACROIX really is a multidisciplinary one.

“This allows us to reap the benefits of comprehensive support and to be truly agile. We have weekly check-ins that are coordinated by our dedicated project manager who, based on the agenda, gets the relevant people involved.”

Logistics, purchasing, connectivity, security and more – all these aspects are covered in a global, balanced manner “so that we can concentrate on what is essential and move the project forward with a dynamic of continuous improvement”

And in the future?

The Conso Live solution is a project that is important for the mission and values of TotalEnergies.

In order to support its sale and the modification of behaviors for the benefit of the environment, innovative functionalities are being developed in the TotalEnergies Mobile Application, based on the real-time consumption data measured by the Conso Live key.

“We are currently considering expanding our collaboration with LACROIX in order to increase production volumes.”

Clé Conso Live sur compteur Linky

About the Conso Live solution

With Conso Live, households can track their electricity consumption in real time. They can understand their consumption behavior and take action to improve it. Their consumption is displayed on the TotalEnergies app.

They receive personalized advice on reducing it, such as identifying appliances that are in sleep mode, controlling heating in the winter, or even alerting them to peaks in consumption. TotalEnergies has already observed a 13% reduction in electricity consumption for customers whose homes are heated with electricity.

In addition, the company plans to develop innovative functionalities that will allow the energy efficiency of all its customers to be improved even further.