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On June 8th 2021, we had the pleasure to bring together our suppliers at a 100% digital event: Digital Suppliers Day. The aim of this new edition? To share the company’s strategy, particularly the new Leadership 2025 strategic plan, and to strengthen our relationship with suppliers and partners.

This event took place at the new head office of Electronics Activity of LACROIX and Group, in Saint-Herblain near Nantes (France).

During this interactive morning, presenter Vanessa Dolmen was with Dominique Chanteau, Vice-President Purchasing of Electronics Activity, who highlighted again our group’s ability to weather this unprecedented period marked by a global crisis with material shortages, and the importance of long-term relationships with our partner-suppliers.

At the crossroads of two strategic plans: Ambition 2020 and Leadership 2025


The Ambition 2020 strategic plan was completed a few months ago. It was a great success for the Electronics Activity, including the alliance with Firstronic, the opening of a purchasing office in China, the extension of our factory in Poland, the acquisition of eSofThings and the construction of the upcoming French Symbiose factory.

 And now, enter LACROIX’s new Leadership 2025 strategic plan.


To support our ambition, we rely on 5 strategic pillars:

  • accelerating our profitable growth thanks to our strategic customers portfolio
  • developing our technological leadership
  • expanding our Industry 4.0 leadership
  • leveraging strategic geographical positions
  • boosting all 3 activities through significant M&A

Vincent Bedouin
President & CEO, LACROIX

For the Electronics Activity as well as the group’s other businesses, this plan can be narrowed down to three major challenges:

  • conquering targeted markets
  • making the difference
  • adapting our core model

By continuing to deploy our Smart Industry strategy and focusing on our future markets, we aim to become the French leader in electronics design and manufacturing services.

Stéphane Klajzyngier
Executive Managing Director, Electronics Activity of LACROIX

A digitised purchasing strategy

Made up of a team with international focus, with families of buyers and new businesses, sales now represent over €230 million.

Every year, our team manages over 2,000 active suppliers and huge amounts of data through the SAP system. It’s also what leads us to keep developing tools that allow us to work even more efficiently with our suppliers, particularly through the digitization around the EDI, webEDi and API.

Dominique Chanteau
Vice-President Purchasing, Electronics Activity of LACROIX


Digital Supplier Management will be vital in the years to come in order to tackle the issues revolving around data. Exchanges between LACROIX and our suppliers must be automated, interactive and they must happen in real time. This is why we decided to opt for the Synertrade solution, to better manage the relationship with our suppliers (SRM).

Cédric Castagnet
Corporate Purchasing Manager, Electronics Activity of LACROIX

For the occasion, two suppliers shared their experience using the SRM tool: Nico Vogelaar, New Business Development Manager, Nichia Europe B.V. and Julien Ifrah, Managing director, MI Electronics.


A virtual tour live from Tunisia

The magic of virtual reality… Suppliers were able to attend a guided tour of our Tunisian production plant in Zriba, organised by Dragan Persic, General Manager of the plant. This tour highlighted the advantages of the site whose layout had been completely redone.


In 2019, we decided to redo the layout of the entire plant and change our approach to production. Today, the site has 720 employees and 5 production lines.

Dragan Persic
General Manager Zriba, Electronics Activity of LACROIX

To find out more about the issues surrounding purchasing, we recommend this episode of the Carte Blanche podcast with Dominique Chanteau: “A responsible purchasing strategy with a human dimension”.

See you soon for the next edition of Suppliers Day!