Since its creation in 2005, our Tunisian production site based in Zriba has been constantly evolving to serve our customers with flexibility. Several major players in the automotive, industrial, home & building automation and civil avionics markets have put their trust in us.

The strength of the Electronics activity of LACROIX at the service of the factory

The production site relies on the strength of a family unit of additional factories, centralised support services such as purchasing, and an engineering office that allows us to support our clients with their design needs.

Through our Smart Industry strategy, shared by everyone at the Electronics activity of LACROIX, we collectively rethink the electronic industry of the future to respond to any potential future issues for our clients. The synergy between factories allows for quicker evolution and innovation.

Rémi Merle
Our Tunisian plant offers a comprehensive range of services, from industrialisation to mass production of electronic assemblies. Our desire and that of our employees is: to consider our client in the directions, decisions and actions we take each day.

Rémi Merle
General Manager Zriba

Our key figures

Since 2005
720 employees
5 SMD lines
7,500 m²

Performance driven by experts and a strong production capacity

With over 720 employees and more than 7,500m2 of production capacity, our factory meets the demands of medium and largeproduction runs at competitive costs. With 5 production lines, we have dedicated areas for automotive and home & building automation to better meet the specific needs of each respectively.

By combining reliable production capacities with a high level of expertise, we have the necessary assets to meet the time-to-market requirements of the product and increase the production rate.

Driven by the “Lean management” strategy and our quality standards, we have many production processes:

  • SMD lines, selective soldering
  • coating and resining
  • customised test solutions
  • finished product integration

Our IPC-A610 2-3 certified training centre integrated into the factory allows our employees to achieve the level of expertise our clients require.

A strategic location supported by an attractive country

More than just a factory; a company on a human scale in a dynamic country with a wealth of industrial expertise, massive high-tech capabilities and a considerable level of education.

Tunisia’s dynamic nature is an asset to the Electronics activity of LACROIX, relying predominantly on the country’s many infrastructures for implementing proven logistics solutions, an important catalyst for respecting delivery schedules.

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Zone industrielle Zriba II – Hammam Zriba
1152 Zriba – Zaghouan
+216 72 11 92 00

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