LACROIX Electronics

While the volume of direct parts supply in China is steadily growing and now hitting nearly 15% of total purchasing volumes, the Electronics activity of LACROIX has opened a purchasing office in China in 2019.

An adaptation to prevailing market conditions

The purchasing department of the Electronics activity of LACROIX centralises all the factories’ electronic component supply operations in France with suppliers located on all continents. As the company is dealing increasingly with Asia, the need for a purchasing office in China has emerged.

The objective of such a deployment is primarily to be able to work as closely as possible with suppliers in order to build an even closer relationship with them. This facility thus promotes the optimisation of logistics processes and increased responsiveness.

Shenzhen, a strategic choice

This city, considered as the Chinese temple of electronics, is home to a large concentration of component manufacturers. This allows the purchasing department to identify new suppliers and ensure increased technological surveillance. Shenzhen is the birthplace of a wealth of innovation.

This facility also represents an opportunity to strengthen ties with LACROIX American partner Firstronic. The purchasing office is located in the offices of Firstronic’s Chinese partner Maxway.

Given the growing volume of parts purchased in China, the opening of a purchasing office in this country seemed obvious. Shenzhen was also a strategic choice. Working as closely as possible with manufacturing allows us to be more responsive, of course, but also to develop closer commercial links with our Partners.

-Dominique Chanteau, Vice-President of Purchasing, the Electronics activity of LACROIX

A French woman in China

The purchasing department entrusted Camille Chèze with the keys to its office in China. After her studies in international trade and an initial professional experience, Camille joined the Electronics activity of LACROIX as a buyer in the pricing and quotation department of the German factory. With the assistance of a locally recruited buyer, she is now the company’s representative to its Chinese partners. Motivated and resourceful, the young woman sees this transfer as an opportunity to rise to new challenges. For Camille, who has always wanted to work abroad, this opportunity in China is an incredible professional and personal experience.

I am relishing the opportunity. Here, I work in direct contact with our suppliers. Developing the company’s commercial relations with China and identifying new partners are now part of my daily life. Every day is a challenge and that’s all I was looking for when I started working in international trade.

– Camille Chèze, Purchasing

The opening of this purchasing office is one of the building blocks in the company’s globalisation strategy, in line with its Ambition 2020 plan.