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Electronics is an integral part of every high-tech industry we serve. Cars and aircraft carry more and more electronic systems, and industries are seeing a rapid expansion in the use of connected objects, whether to optimise their production or to better serve their customers.


At LACROIX, we are also experiencing this revolution: firstly, with the advent of Industry 4.0 in our factories, and secondly, through the evolution of the products we design and manufacture for our customers. Automation and digitisation are transforming our working methods, just as onboarded systems and Industrial IoT, both seeing intensive development, are transforming our customers’ products and services.

Stéphane Klajzyngier
Executive Managing Director at the Electronics activity of LACROIX

“Digitisation has profoundly changed the way our customers perceive and interact with businesses”

This acceleration of digitisation has had an impact on the development of the Electronics activity of LACROIX and our way of working over the last 5 years. The recent health crisis has shown that as of 2020 many aspects can be performed remotely, from purchasing and planning to business relations, all of which has been made possible by digital technology. Remote operations would have been much more complicated in 2016, at the beginning of our strategic plan. But this trend is also visible in our relationships with our clients. While human contact remains essential, digitisation has profoundly changed the way they perceive and interact with businesses. The customer experience, in the simple and effective model proposed by online platforms, must continue to inspire us.


“Our plants have also been transformed by the progressive arrival of new technologies”

Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, optical recognition, cobots and, more recently, 5G tests… These innovations have not only profoundly influenced our work processes but have also opened us up to a larger ecosystem. We now collaborate with new partners: Orange, Microsoft, Cartesiam, Schneider Electric, each bringing a different know-how, vision and culture.


“The key to a successful transformation still remains first and foremost the commitment of our teams”

Technologically speaking, these exchanges may have enabled the Electronics activity of LACROIX to broaden its horizons and accelerate its transformation, but these are only tools. Let us not lose sight that the key to a successful transformation still remains first and foremost the commitment of our teams. The electronics industry is moving fast, very fast, and in the last internal LACROIX & YOU survey; an extremely high percentage of our employees said they were convinced that their job was undergoing change. This collective awareness is extremely positive because everything starts with willpower! We are supporting this transformation, and the number of hours allocated to training has increased significantly: this is crucial for the success of any transformation.


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