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If you think you know everything about the job of a quality engineer, think again!
The series of 3 video clips produced in the core of our Polish production plant in Kwidzyn unveiling the “behind the scenes” of this unique profession…  and who better than the quality engineers themselves to talk about their professional occupation ?

The quality requirement according to Piotr Hoepfner



When you talk about quality requirement, there is no place for compromise. This forces us to be creative and flexible in action. Our job is not always appreciated by the others… But solving problems gives incredible internal satisfaction !

Piotr Hoepfner
Quality engineer - Electronics Activity, Poland

The internal progression according to Daniel Woźniak


I’ve started my journey in Kwidzyn as a technician, then I’ve involved as quality engineer. Today, thanks to my skills gained in daily cooperation with the customers I’ve been promoted to a Quality leader position.

Daniel Woźniak
Quality leader - Electronics Activity, Poland

The team spirit according to Beata Sochacka & Szymon Szczepiński


The main role of our Quality Engineer is to be a member of a team. The team who create a product quality plan for developing and manufacturing products that meet customer requirements.

Beata Sochacka
Quality leader - Electronics Activity, Poland


As a Quality Engineer, you will be the bridge between Customer and the production floor. Good engineer is like an insurance policy for the company.

Szymon Szczepiński
Quality leader - Electronics Activity, Poland

The quality department in our Polish plant includes more than 100 employees and offers great career opportunities.
“Take the challenge, get on board!”