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In this seventh episode, which is the first episode of season 2, we give Carte Blanche to Jérôme Rouland, who is Head of Quotations, Projects and Master Data within Electronics activity of LACROIX. He shares his vision of customer relations with us, as well as the issues related to transversality within electronics design and production activities.

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For me, the most important thing is trust.
I’ve always seen Carte Blanche as a blank sheet of paper… For me, it’s the freedom to sketch out our future. This is what I strive to do every day in my work

Jérôme Rouland
Head of Quotations, Projects and Master Data for LACROIX's Electronics activity

A podcast episode about customer relations

The key criteria for successful customer relations

For Jérôme Rouland, creating and maintaining strong links with his customers is essential. This requires a good understanding of their needs, and entails regular exchanges.

A transversal role, with step-by-step customer support

As Head of Quotations, Projects and Master Data, I am lucky enough to have a role that is quite transversal, with a global perspective”. He explains each of the stages that require him to work with his customers:


Call for tenders, through the quotation phase

Product development, through the design center and R&D

Production deployment, through industrialization and factory production


Since I cover several different parts of a project, I see myself as a hybrid… A hybrid, when it comes to vehicles, is a means of combining the energy produced by different engines in pursuit of a common objective. For me, our organisations are based on the same principle: even though we have different teams, they must work together in order to meet the same customer objective.

The power of an integrated design center

According to Jérôme Rouland, one of the strengths of the Electronics activity is that it offers a turnkey package to our customers, from product development to manufacturing. This is made possible by the close relationships that exist between our design center and our production plants. “It allows us to offer our customers a wider range of services”.

These teams work hand in hand on the DfX (Design for X), analysing the definition of a product during its development and before its industrial production. This allows them to provide a product that is as optimal as possible, in terms of industrial considerations, quality and cost.

LACROIX: a company that is proactive in its digital transformation

Various digital tools have been put in place to facilitate exchanges (Office 365, global project platform) and to provide our customers with a smooth experience throughout the project. “The customer is always looking for information, and it is up to us to make it available at the right time”.


  • If LACROIX were an animal, what would it be?

    Jérôme :

    A chameleon! This company is always adapting to change, and that is what makes it strong and sustainable.

  • If LACROIX were an object, what would it be?

    Jérôme :

    A Rubik’s Cube! LACROIX has many facets, in terms of its business lines, types of products, markets addressed, etc. And there are always other facets that are hidden! The Rubik’s Cube also represents the complexity of our businesses.

Jérôme Rouland, the master of customer management: a short bio

He first entered the company in 2016, as Head of Study and Industrialisation Projects.

Following several internal changes, he now facilitates and improves management of customer projects, and coordinates the design centre and production plant teams.

About Carte Blanche

In Carte Blanche, the LACROIX podcast that connects you to the electronics industry of the future, guests share their vision of the Smart Industry and the future of the industrial IoT, taking us behind the scenes of electronic design and production. They will share their own experiences and talk all about this 4.0 company.

What will the industry of the future look like? How can we support this major transformation? What are the key industrial challenges of tomorrow? All these questions will be answered by the employees of the Electronics activity of LACROIX, given Carte Blanche in this podcast.

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Carte Blanche – Season 2

In this new season, we are placing a special emphasis on our customers, our suppliers and our business ecosystem as a whole. You will also discover unexpected answers to a game of twenty questions…
The Carte Blanche format remains the same: engaged the employees of the Electronics activity of LACROIX who spend 7 minutes sharing their experiences.