LACROIX Electronics

The Electronics activity of LACROIX is using the ThingWorx® Industrial IoT platform from PTC to meet an operational excellence challenge enabling the company to achieve maximum overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and an end-of-line quality defect level close to zero.

PTC is supporting us part of our operational excellence strategy. We have chosen to deploy PTC’s ThingWorx industrial innovation platform in the group’s 4 plants for real-time management of production lines.

We were looking for ways to gain real-time visibility into the control in production processes and testing of components, while industrializing data collection to improve equipment failure and component defect identification. The financial and productivity stakes were high, given that more than 10 million components are handled every day in our French plant.

After a call for tenders entrusted to KPMG and the successful completion of a feasibility study, we have selected the ThingWorx platform. Open and interoperable, they were able to easily connect the platform to their very heterogeneous installed based of machines.

The data collected by Thing Worx ensures:

  • better knowledge of machine status
  • a complete view of production lines
  • earlier detection of anomalies and maintenance requirements

Thanks to ThingWorx, we can now quickly identify information on incidents and report them back so that the operator can independently analyze the incident and correct it with as little disruption to production as possible. The ThingWorx IoT platform has enabled us to achieve these objectives faster and more efficiently than we had imagined.

Emmanuel Thommerel
VP IT - Electronics activity of LACROIX

We have thus been able to implement one aspect of our Smart Industry strategy.

In connection with our Symbiose project to create a new electronic factory of the future in France, we now consider going far beyond data connectivity. For instance, the implementation of predictive maintenance, to approach operational excellence and deliver powerful experiences with Augmented Reality, is under review.


We are delighted to support the Electronics activity of LACROIX in their approach to the electronic factory of the future. Today, ThingWorx has ensured the company to have a real-time overview of its production sites and operations in order to facilitate decision-making by operators and team leaders and improve productivity. After this first step, we will continue to work together so that they can go even further in their quest for digital transformation.


Olivier Helterlin
VP Sales, France Benelux and Switzerland & CEO - PTC France