Partners LACROIX Electronics and BodyCap work actively for the improvement of patients’ health

LACROIX Electronics diversifies its skills in the medical sector with the production of miniaturized electronic capsules for the company BodyCap. On 13th February, the product Anipill® has been launched officially for research purposes.
This innovative system, Anipill®, allows to measure reliably and regularly the central temperature of an animal for the purpose of research or medical assessment. The data of one or several animals are transferred continuously per telemetry to a dedicated screen.
In 2014, the capsule will be certified for human use under the name of e-Celsius®. Swallowed, this small device of the size of a medical pill, will track the evolution of the patient’s body temperature, without any intervention of nursing staff that will only be alerted in case of exceeding temperature limit. The system may be used in hospitals for preoperative applications, or on telemedical platforms, that will spread in the coming years.

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