LACROIX Electronics

The City activity of LACROIX, technological equipment supplier for smart roads, works side by side with the Electronics activity on autonomous and connected vehicles. This innovative project blends research, experiment and collaboration between 2 entities of a same group, where expertise intersects and supplements one another.

Connected infrastructure, a contemporary reality

Sometimes perceived as futuristic, the connected infrastructure is for real. From now on, it allows cities to benefit from new connected services (public lights, traffic lights, collective transport) to optimize both their power consumption and mobility.

Stéphane Gendrot

At the Electronics activity of LACROIX, we are very proud to support the City activity into their innovating projects related to smart mobility, and in particular to autonomous and connected vehicle.

Stéphane Gendrot
VP Business Development - Electronics activity of LACROIX

Autonomous and connected vehicles : a market with a strong development potential

For 2 years, we have been living a real market transformation with the emergence of new mobilities : soft mobility and autonomous connected vehicles.


These changes deeply modify our products, our activity and also our way of working. In this context, we have contacted the Electronics activity of LACROIX.

Guillaume Grolleau
General Manager Pôle V2X - City activity of LACROIX

A strong added-value collaboration between City and Electronics activities

The City activity has consulted us in the early stages of conception part. It presents several advantages :

  • optimizing the product-process couple
  • robustifying our supply chain
  • strengthening the product continuity

We are working on the V2X range of the City activity. They are hotspots implemented in cities and along roads to connect autonomous shuttles to all traffic lights infrastructure for example. The goal ? Obtain the advanced perception of what happens when shuttles move. This type of hotspot has been implemented in Lyon, Nantes and Paris (Roissy-Charles de Gaulles). The need is quite new for the City activity customers : we need to be able to support them on the duration, but also on topics such as operational security.

What was very interesting, was to benefit from all the Electronics activity of LACROIX experience on automotive, rail and avionics markets. These different sectors gather our needs for autonomous and connected vehicles.

Guillaume Grolleau, General Manager Pôle V2X, the City activity of LACROIX

This collaboration between City and Electronics activities shows LACROIX’s maturity to serve the Smart World and bring solutions in Smart Mobility, Smart Industries and Smart Environment.