LACROIX Electronics

With environmental imperatives increasingly to the fore, the aviation sector has embarked on transformation towards hybrid and electric engine technologies. In this context, AUSY and the Electronics activity of LACROIX, partners for over ten years, have renewed their alliance to meet the challenges of future aeronautics in particular.

Fresh impetus for the joint venture’s tailor-made offer

By providing an end-to-end solution to major equipment suppliers in the global aeronautical sector, our two companies offer key skills in support of innovations driving the development of tomorrow’s electronic planes.

As an international group in high-tech consulting and engineering, AUSY brings expertise in software development, electronics and onboard system mechanics, including safety functions.

The Electronics activity of LACROIX operates in the industrial development and production of small and medium runs of complex electronic assemblies at optimised cost, through its complementary plants in Europe and North Africa. From completion of the product’s Design for Excellence to rapid board prototyping, and from industrial development to operational maintenance, the firm provides specific products for harsh environments, all underpinned by impeccable quality standards.


Drawing on multi-sectoral know-how

The joint venture draws on expertise in the most demanding quality guidelines (EN9100, DO254, DO178B, DO160, PART21G, PART145) and on multi-sectoral skills to meet the challenges of hybrid and electric aviation.

To give some concrete examples:

  • The extensive resolution of problems of weight and miniaturisation in the industrial and automotive sector, in particular, position us at the cutting edge of the latest production technologies.
  • By mastering the difficulties related to increases in the manufacturing volumes of complex products and the integration of electronic assemblies into mechanical parts, we provide comprehensive solutions to aeronautical equipment suppliers.
Stéphane Gendrot

We are committed to harnessing the know-how of our teams to develop increasingly environmentally friendly solutions. The electric aeroplane is still a long way off, but our two companies have a shared ambition to support the key players in civil aviation with their innovations. More and more onboard electronics projects are being undertaken among our clients.

The JV between AUSY and the Electronics activity of LACROIX places its skills at the disposal of future projects such as the electric plane.

Stéphane Gendrot
VP Business Development