PCB Design, DfX and Prototype


A full & safe solution for an optimised Time-to-Market

You look for a professional partner for an optimised industrialization of your product?

From drawing PCB routing,through aligning with production constraints (DfX), up to creating your prototype: our engineers are committed to create a product design optimised for industrialization as of the first prototype in best time.

A customized approach

LACROIX Electronics assists you in achieving your aims, regardless of your knowledge of the electronic environment:
  • If you need support to define your wiring diagram and the technical requirements of your product, we propose the experience input of our engineers.
  • If you already have the prerequisite for the PCB routing, we propose our expertise input to realise a PCB design optimised for industrialization.

Experienced engineers

We propose the industrialization of your product providing full service from PCB layout, to DfX and to prototype:
1. Management of the technical requirements: Comprehension, translation and management of the constraints applicable to your product. 
2. Technical definition of the PCB: Integration of the cost factor, the volume corresponding to the requirements applicable to the product.
3. Components' placement and PCB routing: Taking into consideration right from the beginning the rules of manufacturability of your product (DfX) and compilation in a file of all data required for industrialization.
4. Validation based on the prototype: Quick prototyping of your product in our dedicated workshops in France and Germany (dedicated equipment & team). Manufacturing report of the prototype in order to allow the design centre to optimise the product’s performances and industrialization.