Our experts utilize all their skills and experience to optimize the technical and economic performance of your product. Through three tailor-made support services, LACROIX aims to offer you the very best of its Design for eXcellence expertise.

Optimizing component sourcing thanks to Design for eXcellence (DfX) 

The search for alternative sources that are less susceptible to procurement risks has become a crucial issue for many customers in order to secure their production. Faced with this challenge, three levers of action have been made a priority in terms of Design for Procurement (DfP): 

  • Finding components with longer life cycles, to limit the need for renewal; 
  • Multiplying sources of procurement, to better spread the risk of potential shortages among several suppliers; 
  • Innovating by integrating alternative components, to anticipate the risk of obsolescence and optimize costs. 

Choosing the right manufacturing process  

By integrating Design for Manufacturing (DfM) right from the start of the design stage, it is possible to:  

  •  Make the design even more reliable; 
  • Optimize manufacturing costs by choosing the best processes and technologies; 
  • Reduce hazards by anticipating every stage of the production.  

 The design choices relating to a product or electronic function create constraints in the manufacturing processes. It is important to take this into account as early as possible in order to optimize production and comply with manufacturing deadlines and costs. 

Why it is important to define a test strategy upstream of production 

 The launch of a Design for Testing (DfT) approach secures the stages of production thanks to optimal control quality. Building a test strategy well upstream of production offers many advantages, such as:  

 Anticipating the technical repercussions and testing constraints (accessibility, testability) inherent to certain manufacturing process choices; 

  • Assessing the financial consequences of different types of practical and practicable tests resulting from design choices; 
  • Providing for test coverage and the level of PPM (parts per million) to optimize the cost and effectiveness of such tests, and therefore the final quality of the product.  


Developed during the industrialization phase, the three complementary areas of expertise that are Design for Procurement, Design for Manufacturing, and Design for Testing, aim to make your product more effective, more efficient and more economic on a sustainable basis.

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