LACROIX Electronics

The Future Industry Alliance, chaired by Philippe Darmayan, has awarded the “Showcase of Future Industry” label to the LACROIX Electronics site based at Saint-Pierre-Montlimart in Maine-et-Loire, France, within the framework of the industrial modernisation plan initiated by the French government. The state has granted the Electronics activity of LACROIX this label – a remarkable and rarely bestowed honour – in recognition of its provision of an innovative offer with strong service content, thereby meeting the key corporate requirements of acceleration of innovation cycles, competitiveness and employability.

An example of ambitious and promising modernisation, and a symbol of French industrial renewal

The project conceived for our Saint-Pierre-Montlimart industrial site represents a genuine technological and entrepreneurial leap forward. As an effective driver of acceleration and investment, it harnesses automation and digitisation of the means of production and processes, while also supporting its employees in this innovative process. Naturally, the interaction between the site and its environment has been taken into consideration. The project also provides for the opening up of its management information systems and expert tools to customers and suppliers. All these approaches and strategies have made LACROIX emblematic of the renewal of French industry, as a modern, digital, collaborative Company.

Our Future involves the consolidation of our digital inter-connectivity at all levels with its suppliers and customers

At the Electronics activity of LACROIX, we design and produce electronic functions for industrial players in the home automation, health, automotive, civil avionics and defence sectors. Since we do not have our own products, our role has always been one of creating solutions to support the design and implementation of embedded systems and connected objects for our customers in this sectors.

With the emergence of French Tech, mainly involving products which are complex, diverse and produced in small Batches, our processing model  has helped to strengthen the competitiveness of the entire French Tech value chain. Today, we provide an ideal solution to the development and production requirements of a modern enterprise. On its industrial site we are able to draw on the essential qualities such as flexibility, reliability, fluidity, rapidity, competitiveness and Innovation.. required to ensure optimal customer satisfaction.