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2,846, the number of training hours provided during the last six months, already more than last year.

At the Electronics activity of LACROIX, we see skills development among our staff as a real asset in meeting the complex needs of demanding customers. Highly committed to our training programme, we encourage skillfulness capability and offer some of the modules in our catalogue externally.

In the aeronautical sector, the margin of error is close to absolute zero, meaning that work on state-of-the-art machinery must be performed by highly qualified personnel. The customary requirements related to standards IPC A 600, 610 and 620 – respectively, controls on blank printed circuit boards, mounted and wired cards with components, and the production of assemblies using wired connections – must be mastered at the highest level, Class 3.

To attain this, our aeronautical operators follow an intense and advanced training path, which begins as soon as they arrive with a 4-hour unit, in addition to the module dedicated to safety, covering basic regulations, dress requirements and correct equipment usage, and awareness-raising around risks related to machinery and moving parts. A huge range of technical training courses – there are more than 70 in the catalogue – then become available, some of them offering several levels and often totalling dozens of hours.


By way of example, the soldering stage alone requires a 35-hour module, and that’s just for the basics. This is followed by a second higher-level module taking the same time, then by a third lasting 70 hours, which includes complex wiring modifications. These modifications are essential in the aeronautical industry for upgrading products.

Céline Pasquier
Aeronautical training specialist

Many advantages of multi-skills capability

Theoretical training is given in small groups of around ten people at most, while practical lessons are almost always provided on a one-to-one basis. There is clear growth across the board, with training courses given in the last six months already exceeding those for the whole of 2018, accounting for no fewer than 2,846 hours.

This training enables employees to strengthen their skills, to progress within the company, and to compensate for the lack of certified training in colleges. Once highly specialist and restricted to a precise task, our operators are now much more versatile: they work on several stages in the manufacture of electronic cards. This skillfulness capability also facilitates production flexibility by enabling easier adaptation to customer demand in every section of the workshop.


We encourage skillfulness capability within the workshop. This meets an expectation among employees, especially the new generation, and provides greater flexibility for production.

Stéphane Robton
Technical Training Manager and HR Quality Officer

The training courses, module-based or custom-designed, are also externally accessible, with classes combining staff from the Electronics activity of LACROIX and external employees, who are very welcome.


See you in a couple of days for another article on the aeronautical sector… We’ll be taking a look behind the scenes at the varnishing of our electronic products.