LACROIX Electronics

On the fourth Digital Women’s Day, on April 17th Wednesday, LACROIX Electronics is showcasing three colleagues who are striving to use digital technology to revolutionize the company.  

Laure Le Saux, 37 - sector consultant

Laure is responsible for the digital transformation of LACROIX. Her mission? To share good IT practices with employees across all sectors.

Digitalization, a major challenge in the years to come, is a cornerstone of our plan to become an intelligent, automated plant. In 2018, the Electronics activity of LACROIX took the plunge and computerised supplier invoices and expenses claims submitted by staff (launch planned in 2019). The result, improved traceability, easy storage and significant time savings for teams and for daily work. “Computerisation makes processes seamless,” Laure sums up.

Digital technology made easy with Digifriends

At the same time, Laure coordinates ‘Digifriends’ teams, colleagues who work closely with digital technology and act as real digital ambassadors within the company. Working on specific uses of digital technology such as “Organising a Skype online meeting”, “Using OneNote to take minutes at a meeting”, Digifriends share how to make best use of Office 365 collaboration tools.


For our colleagues, this system based on sharing experience is more engaging that purely technical training. This project, with its fun approach, boosts the company’s digital culture.

Laure Le Saux
Sector consultant - LACROIX

Sophie Herrouet, 27 - digital communications officer

Digital technology has marked a turning point in companies’ communication strategies. In order to respond to the new challenges, the Electronics activity of LACROIX completely overhauled its digital communications in 2018.


We had a rethink of our digital presence across all channels, from our website to social networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

Sophie Herrouet
Digital communications officer - Electronics activity of LACROIX

“We created a more interactive and user-friendly interface to offer internet users informative content covering topical subjects and business expertise: Smart Stories. What’s really exciting is seeing colleagues themselves coming out with knowledge about the company while focusing on client expectations”, Sophie Herrouet explains.

Content, a key element of digital strategy

Brand content is now an essential lever in digital strategy. “Users today reach brands through content. To get closer to our customers, we placed content at the heart of our strategy”,  Sophie states.

Today, every job involves digital technology. Communication has a role to play in easing this transition: “We have to explain the operation and benefits of these collaborative tools that help us work better together. Accordingly, we are constantly developing new projects to make digital technology more tangible for our clients and suppliers as well as for our colleagues.”

Marlena Kasper-Szczesna, 33 - support system material flow specialist

Marlena Kasper-Szczesna works at the LACROIX plant in Kwidzyn, Poland, the largest and most automated of our four production sites. From here, she oversees and administers our SHERPA IT platform with its cutting-edge MES software (Manufacturing Execution System).

MES centralises all data for industrial production. By providing essential information about manufacturing activities, the system is used to control and optimize production in real time. Marlena works constantly to ensure that it is running correctly.


All our production activities are connected to this single piece of software. Our equipment must be able to communicate with the software at all times. The system must adapt continually to assist us in our quest for performance.

Marlena Kasper-Szczesna
Support System Material Flow Specialist - Electronics activity of LACROIX

“When you work in IT, you have to work in a team”

Alongside this, she is also responsible for projects to improve structure, working with software engineers.  And this role suits her down to the ground: “I am really comfortable in this digital environment, despite the fact that women are still the minority in the IT world,” she assures. “When you work in IT, you have to work in a team. And the objective? To improve communication between equipment, processes and deadlines.



In an increasingly connected world, our customers constantly seek innovative solutions to gain a competitive advantage. Our planned electronic plant of the future, Symbiose, should allow us to meet these new challenges.

With their digital know-how, Laure, Sophie and Marlena are contributing to this ambitious project that not only incorporates the requirements of Industry 4.0 and deals with environmental challenges, but at the same time allows our teams to flourish.