LACROIX Electronics

It is in the nature of things that the state-of-the-art production of electronic products is always driven by innovation. This does not stop at technological advancement. It is typical for high investments by EMS service providers in machinery and in the professional qualifications of the operating personnel to often lead to focusing on customers with large projects and high unit volume requirements.

At the Electronics Activity of LACROIX in Willich in the Lower Rhine region, a different approach has been taken right from the start. What is important here is working closely with customers and providing support from project development to the production of highly complex assemblies.

Having said that, the company with its staff of around 130 people focuses mainly on being able to support the development and production in all product life phases of the electronics projects of growing medium-sized companies.


Through our connection to LACROIX, which has operated worldwide for more than 50 years, we provide every customer with a much deeper service that other EMS service providers operating within their resource and product capacities can only partially afford.

Peter Sommer
Head of Sales and Marketing at the Electronics Activity Division, Germany

According to him, the advantage of being large with group affiliation and still being able to act independently and locally according to the customer’s needs becomes evident in the exchange of expertise, especially when it comes to PCB assembly with small to medium batch sizes.

Even when purchasing components for the Group in bulk, with its own purchasing office in Shenzhen, China, it was possible to obtain favourable conditions for smaller customers. With its state-of-the-art technology, two SMD lines and its own training centre for operating personnel, the company guarantees, by its own admission, a professionally recognised high level of quality.

This already applies to prototype production, which, thanks to a specially developed manufacturing process, results in faster delivery to the development department.

Unpopular but indispensable: obsolescence management

Things always seem to happen when you least expect them. Part discontinuations without continuous, seamless monitoring can lead to bottlenecking during assembly. This is an enormous risk that can, in the worst case, lead to the premature end of an electronic product with unforeseeable financial consequences.

LACROIX is committed to preventing this for its customers by means of proactive component management with its own service programme, tailored to the individual customer.


It is not uncommon for product-developing companies not to be able to afford their own personnel and time-consuming component monitoring, which would be financially disproportionate and it is precisely for them that we offer this support service, which is ultimately essential.

Peter Sommer
Head of Sales and Marketing at the Electronics Activity, Germany