Analogue and power electronics

Specialists in the science of optimisation

If the performance of your electronic system is a priority, our engineers have expertise in analogue and power supply electronics in order to provide the best possible response to your requirements.
Our advantages:
    • Development of power supply and power converter from 1 to 5000 watts 
    • Efficiency greater than 90%
    • Expertise in isolated and non-isolated architectures
    • Capacity for development in extreme environments (-55°C to +100°C)
    • High operating safety level up to DAL A (aeronautics)

Product developed by experts

With more than 15 years' experience, the engineers of LACROIX Electronics have made their know-how in analogue and power electronics available to the most critical activity sectors: 
Call upon the experience of our design centre for your new projects:
  • Very efficient AC and DC power supply
  • Management and recharging of energy accumulators
  • Actuator instrumentation and control
  • Synchronous and asynchronous motor control