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In this third episode, we give Carte Blanche to Dominique Maisonneuve, who has been the Smart Industry Manager for LACROIX’s Electronics activity since 2017. Together with him, we push back the limits of Industry 4.0. Through his feedback, he reviews the successes, technological experiments and areas for improvement from the company’s first years of Smart Industry. He also tells us about the promising partnership with Orange, and the paradox of a standardised electronics industry.

A podcast episode about industry 4.0

Improving industrial performance with Smart Industry

Dominique Maisonneuve defines Smart Industry as many different new technologies and experiments that are working towards a single purpose: improving our industrial performance. By offering new services to our customers and suppliers, the company is developing its competitiveness, and this contributes to an increase in overall performance.

Smart Industry: the long haul

After spending 3 years deploying our Smart Industry strategy, Dominique Maisonneuve notes that Smart Industry is set to last. He cites 3 main factors that explain this time frame:

“New technologies are not magic tools. It takes time for teams to adopt solutions and for them to become more mature.

The electronics industry is a highly standardised industry, governed by contracts and audits.

Investments must be spread over the long term, in a manner that is reasonable.”

Areas of experimentation offered by Smart Industry

Smart Industry allows us to experiment with a variety of things. In particular, Dominique Maisonneuve mentions:

  • data management, with data analytics and artificial intelligence tools
  • industrial vision, for control equipment in particular, with machine learning
  • the customer journey, from managing customer requests to processing them
  • the change in MES (Manufacturing Executing System), the production management system
  • the introduction of augmented reality, in particular through image projection
  • digitalisation and simplification of the operator’s digital environment, with the appropriation of digital tools

Co-innovation with Orange

A co-innovation partnership between LACROIX and Orange. The telecommunications company is experimenting with using 5G technology in an industrial setting, specifically, in the French electronic plant run by LACROIX.

“We are very proud to be able to work with Orange. This is a great showcase for us, allowing us to take a position on tomorrow’s technologies.”

Dominique Maisonneuve: a short profile

A production engineer by training, he began his career in the automotive industry, at Magneti Marelli. In 2005, he joined LACROIX’s Electronics activity, where he led transfer projects between the French, Polish and Tunisian plants. In 2017, he took on the role of Smart Industry Manager, ensuring the deployment of the 4.0 programme throughout the company, supporting continuous improvement and encouraging the exploration of new technologies.


If I had Carte Blanche, I would like to create a stronger link between the employees who work on Smart Industry and those who work on continuous improvement.

Dominique Maisonneuve
Smart Industry Manager for LACROIX’s Electronics activity