LACROIX Electronics

10:15 am, an autumn morning. We walk through the doors of LACROIX Polish production plant, located in Kwidzyn next to Gdańsk, to meet Katarzyna Górska, Human Resources development specialist.
During one hour, we spoke about HR policy, recruitment needs and actions for internal and external candidates.

Camera is running… let’s go for the interview!


  • Katarzyna, can you introduce yourself and present your role and the key missions of the HR department?

    Katarzyna :

    I have been working at the Electronics activity of LACROIX for nearly 6 years.

    My main responsibilities are recruiting specialists and engineers, onboarding process of new hires and cooperation with schools. My mission is to match talents with job opportunities which the Electronics activity of LACROIX is offering.


    I believe that one of the most important matters in a company is the opportunity for personal development for employees.

  • Into a production site where the number of employees has been multiplied by 4 within 7 years, how is composed the employment structure?

    Katarzyna :

    For the last years, employment has grown rapidly, from 500 employees in 2012 to around 2,000 nowadays. Therefore, Kwidzyn brings together more than a third of LACROIX workforce.


    Our employment structure includes different jobs and functions such as operators, storekeepers, quality and maintenance technicians, engineers, managers…


    Each job position needs different approach from recruiter, as well as various requirements are expected form candidates.

  • How do you support internal candidates?

    Katarzyna :

    We pay special attention to internal recruitment. We want to give opportunity to our current teams to develop themselves by vertical or horizontal promotion.


    Our employees are supported by internal trainings (communication, quality tools or value stream mapping for example) and external specific trainings (such as leadership) required on certain job positions. We also offer English and French language courses.

  • What are the main actions to attract new external candidates?

    Katarzyna :

    Because external recruitment is key for our plant, we have developed 3 main actions:

    • Employee Referral Program: We believe that the best references are from our teams. That is why we have our Employee Referral Program, where employees can propose their own candidates. This is a very effective way of acquiring new talents.
    • Social media and special events: To reach external candidates we use diversified channels for instance social media like Facebook and LinkedIn or special events such as job fairs in local schools and universities.
    • Relocation bonus: To attract valuable candidates from outside of Kwidzyn, we have introduced Relocation Bonus as a special benefit to facilitate their dailylife.
  • How do you work with local partners?

    Katarzyna :

    Locally, we have developed partnerships with several actors, such as local government and school authorities, to develop links between potential candidates and our company.


    For example, we are cooperating with universities by arranging open days and workshops for students or running our patronage class in electronics specialization.


    Furthermore, we are conducting project Szkoła Bliska Pracy (School close to work) aiming at promoting education especially electronics with workshops and raising awareness among primary school students on the local labor market and professional path planning. In this project, learning and fun are combined.

At the Electronics activity of LACROIX, we are focusing on recruitment tools to attract candidates who will choose our company wisely and with full awareness.
We want to be employer of choice.