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In a world that is committed to the path of exponential digitalization, the industrial ecosystem is facing various major structural challenges. Economic and financial issues are exacerbated by an acceleration in Time-to-Market.

Companies that lead projects need to be able to rely on accepted partners in order to innovate and produce products and electronic features together.

IoT, cybersecurity, connectivity… Continuous evolution of expectations and accelerated technological change often risk the rapid obsolescence of the products created by project leaders. When it comes to the industrial production of electronic products, strategic choices must be made right from the design stage. Innovating is a multidisciplinary challenge. Even if companies have their own internal engineering office, they sometimes have difficulty gathering and combining talent.

To effectively deal with circumstances that are made even more critical by globalized competition, the richness of the “innovation” ecosystem is crucial.

Subcontracting in order to access design expertise

As a product manager, you know that the success of an electronic product is determined by three essential variables: respecting deadlines, controlling costs, and ensuring quality.

You wonder about your ability to explain your needs clearly – your immediate needs, but also, particularly, your future needs!

If the Time to Market continues to get shorter, it is important to be able to conceive the product throughout its entire life cycle. This reality means increasing expertise right from the design phase…

While considering outsourcing, you specifically ask yourself about the way the contract manufacturer that supports you will be able to open as many avenues as possible…

Multidisciplinarity for the purpose of innovation

How do you seek to support project leaders?

Erwan Villalard

We do all we can to help them clearly express their needs. This means that we take on a listening role, asking different questions, taking into consideration the different levels of expertise in all fields.

Knowing how to decode, support, and when to, sometimes, say no when a project isn’t feasible. This is how we position ourselves as an innovation partner.

We aim to go beyond being just a “maker” as we seek to break into consulting.

Our large expertise on numerous projects allows us to have a real perspective, and it is this value-added-support that we want to provide.

Erwan Villalard
Sales & Marketing manager - Impulse Design services

What resources does LACROIX provide for the companies that it supports?

Here at LACROIX, we have more than 100 employees, most of whom are engineers, who work on solutions architecture missions, hardware, software, project managers, mechanical design, etc.

All this energy and expertise is mobilised to define the expectations of the project leaders from end to end.

This idea of A-to-Z support is essential. Our teams have full control over the innovation chain. This is what allows us to provide the best technical solutions to very specific issues for the market in question.

We support our customers in their choice of power supply, communication protocol, security technology, etc.

These are all major aspects that need to be taken into consideration at all stages of the project.

“The multi-disciplinary structure of teams is the biggest asset”

However, in the changing, fluctuating sectors of connectivity, IoT and cybersecurity, it is also essential to be able to rely on an ecosystem of external expertise.

Continually upskilling and enriching our expertise isn’t just our method, it is also our driving force.

Serge Laverdure

All the teams are closely involved in each project. Our team of external experts is an extension of our engineers. It is a network that places collective intelligence above all else.

Each project is a challenge. We keep an agile mindset, which allows us to make progress so that we can satisfy our customers and meet their objectives in terms of quality, deadlines and costs.

Serge Laverdure
General Manager - Impulse Design services

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