LACROIX Electronics

Faced with this unprecedented and global health crisis, Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy and Finance in France, recalled on March 27th that “electrical and electronic manufacturing is essential to the economic functioning of our country”. As a major player in the French electronics sector, the Electronics activity of LACROIX takes its role very seriously and especially to serve the medical device manufacturing industry.

Partner for more than 10 years, the Electronics activity of LACROIX supports the Trixell joint venture (Thales, Philips Healthcare and Siemens Healthineers) leader in X-ray imaging in France, to design and produce certain electronic assemblies integrated in their radiography devices.

All products combined, the Electronics activity of LACROIX produces for Trixell nearly 15,000 electronic cards per year, ranging from the digital image processing card, to interface cards with the X-ray detector panel. While COVID-19 is rampant, our doctors especially need reliable devices to take chest x-rays of their patients. It is by producing portable radiography devices that Trixell contributes to the medical chain just like LACROIX.

Trixell is one of the main customers of the factory and we are committed to supporting them, everyday of course, but even more so in the crisis that we are all going through. It is absolutely crucial that the whole chain is mobilized so that together we can overcome the pandemic.

I would like to especially thank all of the employees who are mobilized during this very special period.


Emmanuelle Landru
General Manager of the French plant

Present for medical equipment manufacturers, the Electronics activity of LACROIX does not forget its customers from other sectors essential to the proper functioning of our society such as transport, logistics, water, energy, security and defense.