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The Electronics activity of LACROIX announces the deployment of Siemens VALOR NPI across all its sites. The function of this software is to reduce deviations between the design of an electronic board produced in the design office and its factory mass production capacities. With 1,000 design rules automatically processed in record time, identification of potential improvements and better time allocation among teams, the solution provides a gateway into the electronics industry of the future.

DFM: seeking the best match between design and production


The NPI (New Product Introduction) process is critical for industrial performance in the electronics sector, whether from the point of view of costs, quality or time.
The Siemens VALOR NPI is a DFM tool which can be used to eliminate, as of the design phase, potential problems which might otherwise arise in the course of production. The principle is very simple: the software includes over 1,000 predefined controls which can be used on the project, both at manufacturing level and during assembly of the printed circuit.

Alexis Morlière
Managing director of Cadlog France, partner of the Electronics activity of LACROIX in the implementation of this solution

With the automation of this matching process, technicians can now devote more than 75% of their time to high added value tasks, inverting the proportions under the previous situation. Thanks to the time saved, the DFM teams can provide broader support to customers, offering them a wider range of solutions to obtain the optimal balance between quality, cost and turnaround times. Lastly, the solution makes it possible to safeguard the company’s expertise by transferring a large number of production rules acquired through experience into an intelligent database.


This solution confirms the positioning of LACROIX at the cutting edge of industry 4.0

For the last year, numerous database configuration workshops have involved teams from the Electronics activity of LACROIX, and these workshops will continue over the long term in order to pursue the virtuous circle of the learning company. The Electronics activity of LACROIX is one of the first Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMSs) in its category to have deployed this solution. This advance is fully in line with the industry 4.0 strategy of LACROIX, embodied by the SYMBIOSE factory scheduled to open in 2021 in Beaupréau (Maine-et-Loire – France).


The VALOR NPI solution is a major contribution to the LACROIX factory of the future. This tool now enables us to troubleshoot designs in order to improve their quality of manufacture. I am convinced that its long-term use will have a significant impact on capitalisation of know-how, improvement of the service provided to customers and acceleration of production readiness.

Benjamin Gauchenot
VP Quality and Operations - Electronics activity of LACROIX

The Electronics activity of LACROIX will be present at the Productronica trade show in Munich, from November 12th to 15th, including participation to a conference dedicated to DFM.



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