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Thanks to the cooperation between the Electronics activity of LACROIX and other electronics companies, the prestigious Gdansk University of Technology, in Poland, will open a training course dedicated to electronics in early 2021. Its goal? Train the next recruits for the Kwidzyn plant, located a hundred kilometres away.

Joanna Gil, Human Resources Director at LACROIX plant in Poland, has been working on the partnership since her arrival in November 2019. And she’s not alone. At last, advanced graduate studies in electronic production engineering are becoming a reality in Gdansk. To Joanna’s great satisfaction, this programme was built on the company’s needs.


There is a significant need for engineers in Poland, particularly in the electronics sector and in our region. At LACROIX, we are actively campaigning to remedy this, particularly in schools. Through this partnership, we will be able to train the best profiles for our site.

Joanna Gil
Human Resources Director - Electronics activity of LACROIX, Poland

Postgraduate studies are open to all and take place over the course of one year. This is the first training course in Poland that allows students to familiarise themselves with electronic device manufacturing process in practice. Although focused on electronics, it does not neglect to impart useful knowledge for future managers: team management, communication, conflict resolution.



Common interests for employment and training

The entire pool of local electronics companies has joined forces to offer these courses: LACROIX, Flex, Jabil, Assel, Radmor and Kitron.

This first class will consist of at least sixteen people and will begin attending courses next February. Mixed with the larger student body, the majority of trainees are currently employees from partner companies seeking to develop their skills and, along with it, their rank in the company.

The Gdańsk Technical University, which received a national award for its excellence, also received a state grant to develop a research centre dedicated to various fields, all to the benefit of LACROIX: robotisation, production automation, innovative design techniques… all of which are good news for the company’s Smart Industry strategy.


Kwidzyn’s lead 

The partnership between the Electronics activity of LACROIX and the Gdansk University of Technology was accompanied at the end of September by the appointment of Andrzej Mrozik, director of the Kwidzyn plant, to the University’s Economic Council until 2024.


His role is important on several levels. Andrzej will first promote the electronics specialisation within the University. As a domain expert, his credibility will be all the stronger given that he can offer, as a potential future employer, concrete opportunities for graduates.

Joanna Gil
Human Resources Director - Electronics activity of LACROIX, Poland

Andrzej Mrozik’s appointment by the University Rector also illustrates the changing approach in Polish public education, now more attentive to the employability of its students and willing to better connect programmes with employers’ needs. A welcome approach in times like these.



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