LACROIX Electronics

At Kwidzyn, in our electronics Polish plant, we have implemented cobots to meet our customers’ (mainly from automotive and home & building automation sectors) requirements in terms of competitiveness and quality. These collaborative robots work in cooperation with the operational teams.

Experts testimonies on cobots implementation into the plant

To better understand behind the scenes of cobots integration into production process, we have interviewed Dawid Nosal and Lukasz Klos.
What is a cobot ? How to work with it ? What are the benefits for customers and employees ?

We tell you everything in 3 minutes !

Cobots implementation, at the core of Smart Industry

More connected and automated, cobots are part of our Smart Industry project.


For operators, electronic components are more and more delicate to work with. That is why we have naturally chosen to develop automated machines for production.

Dawid Nosal
Automation engineer - Electronics activity of LACROIX, Kwidzyn

Change support for teams

The introduction of these advanced tools in our different production chains has required a specific support for employees. Indeed, the arrival of cobots lead to a new way of working and a new plant organization. Thanks to them, the employees’ work is easier : less heavy items to carry, less repetitive tasks to do, more versatility in operator job, etc.


We want to show our employees that the best results will be achieved thanks to the interaction between man and machine. Together with machines, we are able to achieve what today is unachievable with traditional methods.

Lukasz Klos
In charge of HR development - Electronics activity of LACROIX, Kwidzyn