The Electronics activity of LACROIX offers you a tailored package to support you throughout your electronic product’s life cycle. Our design office and production sites work in synergy with each other at each stage of your project to respond to your time-to-market, performance and quality needs.

Our turnkey solution, from design to electronic production

Our offer is time-to-market oriented and provides control of your product’s entire value chain, while maintaining cost and deadlines at optimal levels. A dedicated team with industrial and R&D skills will lead your project from design to production of your product.

With the support of our services in project management, purchasing, supply chain and training, we are specialised in the development of embedded systems and industrial connected objects (IIoT) intended for applications in our target markets.

Our expertise is focused on 4 phases: design, industrialisation, production and sustainability of your electronic assemblies and sub-assemblies.

Our services

To complete our "Contract Design for Manufacturing" offer, from the design phase to the production of electronic products, the Electronics activity of LACROIX has developed a wide range of services including project management, component procurement, supply chain and training. Discover our services


From the ideation phase of your electronic project, we help you clarify your needs in order to guide you towards the best solution for your product.
According your market or industrial constraints, we design your embedded systems and industrial connected objects (IIoT) from A to Z at our design center. We build your solution with pre-qualified functional blocks to ensure a smooth certification process.

From component selection to the test and accreditation phase, our engineers leverage both their skills in electronic assembly design and on our sound partners network, leaders in their areas of expertise. In order to create your electronic products according to your specifications, we aim for integration of top high-performance features: data processing, wireless communication, sensor-actuators, lighting, human-machine interface, energy management, mechatronics, etc.

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The technical teams of LACROIX use their expertise to industrialise your product, ensuring its manufacturability and production in our factories.

Our flexible organisation, effective  design tools, and process reliability ensure the smooth optimisation of the PCB layout, Design for eXcellence and rapid prototyping phases.

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From small to large series, we manufacture your electronic assemblies and sub-assemblies at our factories according your market needs. Our state-of-the-art, collaborative and connected means of production reflect our vision of the Smart Industry and our uncompromising operational excellence.

Miniaturisation, robustification, mechatronic integration and testing of your products are additional areas of expertise we can provide.

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The electronics market is constantly evolving, as your market needs. Therefore, we support you in implementing the most effective strategy to sustain the production of your product.

This could include operational condition maintenance, optimising and securing supply, managing obsolescence and re-designing, your embedded systems and industrial connected objects in particular.

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An eco-responsible approach to design and production

Deeply committed to preserving natural resources, we also offer an eco-design approach to reduce the environmental impact throughout the life cycle of your product.

“As the electronics industry continues to evolve, we are investing to improve our eco-friendly approach with the goal of achieving the best ratio between the quality, cost, delivery time and environmental impact of a product.
Starting with the product design stage and continuing through the purchasing strategy and selection of manufacturing processes used, all the initiatives throughout the product life cycle enable us to reduce its environmental impact.
It is a long, still-promising road that we must travel with our entire ecosystem. Whether you are a supplier or a customer, please join us in striving to be responsible.” 

Stéphane Klajzyngier, Executive Managing Director of the Electronics activity of LACROIX