In July of 2018, in an effort to be as near as possible to its partner network, LACROIX Electronics opened a purchasing office in Shenzhen, in the south of China.

Competitiveness, reactivity, flexibility

This presence on the Asian continent allows LACROIX Electronics to build trust with its suppliers. This proximity affords us total control of the supply chain and as such allows us to support our clients in an extremely reactive and ever more flexible manner.


Given the growing exchanges with China, the opening of a purchasing office in this country seemed obvious. Shenzhen was also a strategic choice. Working as closely as possible with manufacturing allows us to be more responsive, of course, but also to develop closer commercial links with our partners. This is a proof of perenity of the relation.

Dominique Chanteau
VP Achats LACROIX Electronics

At the heart of the electronic innovation pool

Shenzhen, regarded as the Chinese heart of electronics, is home to a large concentration of component manufacturers. Opening an office at the centre of this ecosystem allows our teams to identify new suppliers and organise increased technological surveillance, this region being the birthplace of numerous innovations.

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